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A new season of Grey’s Anatomy is underway and over the next few weeks, fans can look forward to fresh storylines as well as nods to what happened before. But as is the case with any show with numerous seasons, keeping up can be hard, even for the writers.

Over the years, a couple of glaring plot holes have emerged in the medical drama. Some have gone unnoticed by many viewers, but staunch fans on Reddit have no intention of letting it all go. As such, they have pointed out the most baffling things about the storylines.


The Grey’s Anatomy Writers Made A Mistake When It Comes To Deluca’s Mother

Tequila_la reminds fans that after Deluca was beaten by Alex in season 13, Maggie says she’ll call his mother (“Undo”), but in season 15, DeLuca says that his mother died a long time ago. The Redditor confesses that it “still irks me during rewatches.”

While it’s common for the show to bring up loved ones who care, these developments did indeed feel off. Given how emotional he is while talking about it, it’s clear that the death of DeLuca’s mother in Italy is something that still pains him. For that reason, he must have mentioned it to Maggie many times. At least head showrunner Krista Vernoff addressed this discrepancy, admitting that the writers did forget this one particular detail in a tweet and have tried to amend it.

April’s Peanut Allergy

Teachyoselff2 thinks it’s weird that in the season 12 episode “Unbreak My Heart,” Jackson doesn’t know about April’s peanut allergy. They find it weird because he has been “working with her for at least 6 years and living with her for 2.”

The lack of information between some of the best Grey’s Anatomy couples has always been a major problem. Two people who love each other ought to know nearly everything about each other. Interestingly, Jackson isn’t aware of something that April must have emphasized a lot during meal times.

Some Grey’s Anatomy Fans Don’t Like That Meredith Won The Harper Avery Award When Cristina Didn’t

CHiarra119 brings up Meredith’s accolade. They remind everyone that it didn’t make sense because the show had previously made it “such a big deal that no one from the hospital could ever win one.”

Although the show did imply that there was a change in the rules, it didn’t settle right with some fans as it felt like another case of the main character being given preferential treatment for no good reason. In the show, the fans have also pointed out how Meredith is always made to look like a super doctor yet a couple of her colleagues rank above her when it comes to the most skilled surgeons in Grey’s Anatomy.

Some Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Confused As To Why Richard Doesn’t Know Mark At First

LaurenGrace8 points out that Derek and Mark grew up together, went to college together, and worked together. Despite all this, Richard, who claims to have mentored Derek and known him for a long time, “doesn’t know Mark” when he first sees him.

The plot hole could be explained by the fact that Mark did a residency in Otolaryngology whereas Derek and Addison did a surgical residency, which is probably how Richard got to mentor Derek. Still, given how close Mark and Derek were, it’s likely that Richard could have met him at some point, or at least heard about him.

Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Confused As To How Jo Was Able To Testify For Callie But Not For DeLuca

For some Grey’s Anatomy fans, they believe they have found a plot hole in terms of Jo’s story arc. For this Redditor, they are confused as to how Jo was able to testify for Callie in the season 10 episode “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” but was unable to for Alex and DeLuca because “she was scared Paul would find her.”

Many would be able to understand this Redditor’s confusion since Callie’s case came before Alex’s. There might be a reasonable explanation for it if fans consider the nature of the cases but there’s also a possibility that the writers had yet to come up with this storyline when they were trying to craft Jo’s backstory.

Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Confused By The Timeline Of Bailey’s First Marriage

In Season 1, Bailey says she’s been married for a decade, meaning her wedding happened right after high school. According to mercy_west, it’s later revealed that she met Richard “as an intern at 25/26” – which didn’t make much sense since it’s also stated that he was at her wedding.

In Season 9’s “Run Baby Run,” Richard does state that Bailey was very young when she married Tucker. It’s, therefore, unlikely that she would have been an intern at this point. It could also be presumed that it took a while for Richard and Bailey to build their friendship. So, it’s strange that he was at her wedding before she ever got to work with him.

Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Confused By Callie’s Sternotomy

There is the issue of Callie’s Sternotomy after the accident too (which occurred in the season 7 episode “How To Save A Life”). Sea-Ad-527 notes how in the “next episode she wears a low cut top with no scar.”

It’s a case of the show’s writers forgetting the little details once again. For any other kind of drama, this would be understandable but for one of the best medical dramas of all time, failing to show a scar after a major surgical procedure is unforgivable, and it’s no surprise that this particular Redditor is irked by it.

Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Able Confused By Bailey’s Influence

Not_Rawb explains that a plot hole stems from “Bailey being as powerful as she seemed at the beginning of the series.” This is because it’s later stated that she was only a 4th-year resident at the time.

The need to have a powerful figure ordering the interns around makes total sense and for that reason, the show ought to have given her a higher role. Throughout the show, no other 4th-year resident has ever gotten to be as powerful as her, despite being equally qualified. So, the question of “why her?” still lingers.

Richard And Ellis

Early in the series, Richard tells Meredith that he doesn’t regret not leaving Adele for Ellis. Years later, he tells her that he does indeed regret and Redditor Punkitten22 says “there are so many minor things like this that annoy me.”

In early seasons, the show strived to portray Richard as tough and unbothered when it comes to his relationships and social life. But new writers definitely feel he deserves to be more human hence the reason for the change of stance regarding Ellis. Still, there could have better ways to show that he cared about Ellis instead of circling around the same issue of leaving Adele.

Jackson’s Father

There is some inconsistency in the story of Jackson’s father too. Catherine Avery once claims that he took Jackson after their separation, and she had to fight to get him back. But Revolutionary-Ocelot also remembers when Jackson said “his dad just left.”

It may be possible that this a case of a young boy not recalling exactly what happened but since he is one of the smartest Grey’s Anatomy characters, some believe that Jackson’s memory is good too. For that reason, his recollection of events wouldn’t be so off that he wouldn’t remember his father fighting to keep him.

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