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With the conclusion of the first season of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, it seems like the new Middle-earth adventure is just beginning. The show’s characters, both new and familiar, are facing off with tremendous threats and obstacles in their journeys, some with more courage than others.

Certain characters lack the bravery to take on the challenges ahead. Others charge into battle without a second thought. And some are filled with fear yet overcome it to do what is necessary. They all make for a terrific collection of the brave and not so brave characters on The Rings of Power.


10/10 High King Gil-galad

As the king of the elves, Gil-galad is one of the most powerful characters in the show. But despite his power and the fate of his people hanging in the balance, Gil-galad is a coward when it comes to taking action.

From sending Galadriel away to attempting to use the dwarves for his own gains to refusing to allow the forging of a new power, Gil-galad seems to always be seeking the most cautious way of doing things which proves to be very ineffective.

9/10 Halbrand

Halbrand was introduced as the typical reluctant hero archetype. He was not interested in risking his life for others and even when he was discovered to be the long-lost king, he showed little interest in the position. However, the finale confirmed what many fans began to suspect that Halbrand was a character who shouldn’t be trusted.

But with the revelation that he is actually Sauron, he still doesn’t come off as particularly brave. His methods were more about concealment and deception, hoping others would unwittingly do the work for him.

8/10 The Stranger

Another character who was shrouded in mystery for much of the first season was The Stranger. With him being lost in the world for much of these first episodes, it is not too surprising that he doesn’t show a lot of bravery.

He is unsure of who he is, where he comes from, and the dangers of his powers. But as he finally took a stand in the season 1 finale and fought to protect his friends, it seems as though he has a lot of bravery waiting to shine through.

7/10 Durin

Durin may have the typical strength and toughness of a dwarf, but he also has a lot of insecurities which stifles his courage at times. This can first be seen in his stubborn bitterness towards Elrond when they reunite. but is most obviously with his relationship with his father.

Though Durin struggles to make those difficult choices, he does eventually show immense bravery within himself as he chooses to stand up to his father, help his friend, and make his own path in life.

6/10 Elrond

Though fans want to see many other Lord of the Rings characters on the show, Elrond has emerged as a terrific addition that makes the character even more interesting. Though he is not a warrior, Elrond still fights in the ways that he knows how.

He doesn’t face the same dangers some of the other characters do, but he handles each obstacle he comes up against with intelligence and courage. He is brave enough to admit mistakes and to face difficult situations if it means he can achieve his goal.

5/10 Isildur

Isildur is another archetypal character from fantasy stories, the brave young man who wants to venture out into the world and have adventures. Of course, as typically happens with these characters, the adventures he faces are more harrowing than he expected.

But while some of Isildur’s bravery fades in the face of battle, he is still someone willing to charge into danger and protect those close to him. But while his death is surely a fakeout, he is one character unlikely to die by the end.

4/10 Bronwyn

Bronwyn is a character who seems as though she has led a fairly quiet and ordinary life. She keeps to herself and can even seem timid at times. But when danger strikes, she leaps into action faster than any warrior and is more than ready for a fight.

Though she might not like being in these situations, Bronwyn proves that she will face any enemy in order to protect her loved ones and also emerges as a brave and natural leader.

One of the main themes of the Lord of the Rings stories is an overlooked or undervalued person being thrust into an extraordinary situation and showing how brave they are. Nori is one such character as she is an unassuming young girl who puts herself on the line to help her new friend.

Though Nori might be afraid at times, she pushes back against those feelings and faces danger or uncertainty. Leaving her people to go off with The Stranger in the finale shows her bravery and why she is The Rings of Power‘s most likable character.

2/10 Arondir

The characters within the show seem to find themselves divided between bravery as a warrior and bravery as a person. Arondir exemplifies both of these aspects. He faces his deadly enemies without any hesitation, sometimes facing great odds in battle.

However, he is also someone who is willing to have views that go against the norm yet are something he believes in. While the other elves are mistrusting of the Soutlanders, Arondir is willing to see their compassion and bravery, causing him to admire them.

1/10 Galadriel

For a character like Galadriel, her level of bravery might actually be a flaw as much as it is a strength. From the very beginning of her story, she proved herself to be someone who would travel longer, fight harder and face any danger in pursuit of her enemy.

This makes her quite reckless and dangerous as her bravery causes her to not even think about the consequences. But it is also hard not to admire just how hard she is willing to push herself.

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