10 Office Accessories To Brighten Up Your Workspace


With the start of the new year came cleaning and organizing hacks seen on Instagram and TikTok (known as Clean Tok) so that everyone could start 2023 with a clean slate. One of the biggest trends is making an office (or home office) as calming and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories to make that happen.

From new chairs to label makers, these accessories will make going to work actually fun. Whether a person works in a cubicle in a high-rise building or in a home office, there are endless ways to brighten up and freshen up a workspace.


Customize Labels In A Fun Way

If there’s one thing shows like the Home Edit taught Netflix viewers, it’s that label makers are an underrated purchase. This Makeid HD Label Maker is small enough to fit nicely in a desk drawer or in a person’s bag.

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Adding labels to drawers, folders, boxes, etc… is a great way to freshen up and organize any workspace. This label maker in particular connects to a person’s phone via Bluetooth and comes with an app where a person can choose any font or size to make their labels fun and exciting.

Colorful Reusable Note Pads To Make Note-Taking Fun

A great way to make an office bright and inviting is by using these colorful and reusable note pads. The Instagram user uses these M.C. Square Stickies, which are not just reusable but are smudge free. There’s five different colors users can choose from, or they can buy a multicolor pack.

Also in this video that could brighten any workspace is the Motivational Calendar that comes in fun designs. While there are plenty of apps that can help a person keep their new year’s resolutions, these office products are just as motivating and pleasing to look at.

Make A Home Office Fun And Organized

The Worky Workstation went viral after it was shown on TikTok and Instagram. Working from home or on the go has never been more possible, and the Worky helps make it easier. This 15 in 1 work station has a built-in charging station, LED lighting, a whiteboard, storage, and a magnetic section.

If a person is working from home and is tired of using their computer at the dining room table or living room, the Worky can help brighten up and motivate.

Spurts Of Color

This account showed how aesthetically pleasing a person can make their office just by buying matching neutral markers, notepads, bookmarks, and journals. What’s better is that the drawer organizers brighten up the workspace because everything has a space.

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The items used in the video can be found on @Miiam.Gin’s Amazon storefront, ranging from $5 to $10. These products would also be ideal for students. While there are plenty of great apps that act as study aids, there’s nothing quite like writing it out on pretty sticky pads.

Set The Tone With These Blinds

There are countless overrated smart home gadgets out there, but the Sunsa Wand is not one of them. These smart blinds can be controlled through an app or by voice control. A person can even set a schedule for their blinds so that they open and close at the same time every day.

For anyone with a home office, these blinds can totally brighten up the space (literally) while making a person feel like they’re living in the future with self-opening window treatments.

Cozy And Bright

Candles are a great way to brighten up an office. Not only do they smell great but they put on a cozy and warm vibe when lit. Nowadays, there are products to help the candle smell expand throughout the room — just like these candle warmers.

These Cyanoe Candle Warmer lamps come with an electric base that helps melt the candle. All the while, the light bulb will give a person’s desk a warm glow. It’s a great two-for-one invention to brighten up any workspace.

Everyone Needs A Cozy And Supportive Chair

One of the easiest ways to spruce up an office space is the furniture a person uses. While desks are important, chairs are more consequential. Chairs should be comfortable and supportive, but it doesn’t hurt if they’re pretty to look at too.

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This swivel chair is velvet, making it soft and cozy for a long work day. The gold base also adds a bit of class. A modern chair like this makes the work day feel less like a work day because of the comfort level. This chair may just inspire a person, like those on dream home makeover reality TV shows on streaming services.

Deep Clean To Brighten

AirPods can do some awesome things, but they can’t clean themselves. Neither can a person’s keyboard or iPhone. Luckily, this 7-in-1 cleaning kit can do it all. There’s a spray bottle to clean laptop and phone screens, there’s a device to remove keys from a keyboard to be able to do a full sweep afterward, a tool to dig out dirt from the AirPod speaker, and more!

Having 7-in-1 gadgets is helpful because this means less clutter and a cleaner office. After all, the best way to brighten up an office is to give a deep clean, and this gadget makes it easier to do.

Working On An iPad? Have Fun With This Keyboard

A pro tip about owning an iPad is that users can but a separate keyboard to have a more official work experience. While Apple sells a basic keyboard that’s attached to an iPad holder, this RYMEK keyboard is far nicer and can freshen up any work environment.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and can connect to iPads, Androids, or iPhones. There’s even a backlight so users can type in poorly lit offices and can see what they’re typing. The retro vibe of the keyboard can add real character to any office.

Make Any Office Wall Magical

Some of the best makeover sequences in movies is seeing how the personal spaces turn out. Viewers can get easily inspired for their own office space after seeing something they like in movies or TV shows.

One of the best ways to spruce up a space is by adding wall decor or art. Instead of hanging frames, using the FRIADE Gold Wire Wall is a wonderful way to add some shimmer while also being helpful. Because of the wire, a person can clip notes, schedules, pictures, etc… so that everything they need is organized while also looking stylish.

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