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Love Is Blind season 4 recently wrapped, and that installment showcased its fair share of villains. While the experimental dating series has brought together some successful couples, it’s also created equally entertaining tension and drama. There were cast members that viewers loved to hate, who really brought the fireworks. On LIB, not every couple turns out to be a perfect match, and the show proves that point, time and time again.

Each person involved in the unique dating show is there to find love, while testing their partners and themselves. While some couples seem like they’re destined for the altar when they connect in the pods, everything isn’t what it seems. Things can change when they get out into the real world. On Love Is Blind season 4 and other installments, personalities clash, true colors are revealed, and intentions are made clear. Now, it’s time to look back at ten cast members who became villains throughout all four seasons.

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10 Jessica Batten – Love Is Blind Season 1

Jessica Batten was quickly labeled a villain on Love Is Blind during season 1, thanks to her on-and-off attitude toward her fiance, Mark Cuevas. Initially, Jessica connected with Mark and Matt Barnett, but had her heart set on Barnett. However, he chose Amber Pike over Jessica, and that’s when she really revealed her personality. Jessica couldn’t get over her 10-year age gap with Mark, and often tried to insert herself into Barnett and Amber’s relationship. She hoped that she could win Barnett over in the end.

9 Kenny Barnes – Love Is Blind Season 1

Kenny Barnes was the male antagonist during Love Is Blind, season 1. While his relationship with Kelly Chase looked like it had the potential to go the distance, they both agreed that they weren’t ready for the altar. Instead, the couple mutually agreed to continue dating after the cameras stopped rolling. They wanted to give their relationship time to organically grow. Unfortunately, Kenny became a villain as soon as the show ended. He backtracked on his word, claiming that he wasn’t emotionally available. This left Kelly to wonder what their future could’ve been like.

8 Shayne Jansen – Love Is Blind Season 2

Shayne Jansen found himself in the Love Is Blind season 2 “hot seat,” after his relationship with Natalie Lee came to a dramatic end at the altar. Shayne and Natalie were originally the couple to bet on, but unfortunately, they faced a lot of issues that they just couldn’t overcome in the end. While Natalie was looking for a commitment from Shayne, it didn’t stop him from having some flirtatious interactions with his former connection, Shaina Hurley. There was an explosive argument the night before their wedding, and coupled with Shayne’s shady behavior, the red flags made Natalie walk away.

7 Shake Chatterjee – Love Is Blind Season 2

When Shake Chatterjee connected with sensible and sweet Deepti Vempati during Love Is Blind, season 2, they bonded over their cultural similarities, and felt that it was a strong foundation to build a relationship on. However, once the two stepped out of the pods, that’s about as far as their connection went. While Deepti was invested in their relationship, Shake had no issue speaking his mind about Deepti’s physical appearance. He made negative comments about her body. He also had no qualms about flirting with other women in front of her, and in the end, Deepti couldn’t go through with the marriage.

6 Cole Barnett – Love Is Blind Season 3

Cole Barnett instantly became a villain in Love Is Blind, season 3, for his flat-out disrespect towards his fiancee, Zanab Jaffrey. He made a commitment to her in the pods, by proposing to her, and making her feel like she was the only woman in the world for him. However, things changed completely once they were out in the real world. Cole didn’t try to hide his attraction to his former connection from the pods, Colleen Reed, telling her that she was exactly the type of female that he would date.

5 Bartise Bowden – Love Is Blind Season 3

Bartise Bowden showed similar behavior during Love Is Blind season 3, but managed to take his disrespect one step further. Despite choosing Nancy Rodriguez in the pods (and making her his fiancee), he openly admitted that he was attracted to his former connection, Raven Ross. He even called Raven a smoke show in front of Nancy, and told her that he thought that he was a better match for Raven than the latter woman’s “pod pick,” Sikiru “SK” Alagbada.

4 Sikiru “SK” Alagbada – Love Is Blind Season 3

Sikiru Alagbada, also known as “SK” on Love Is Blind season 3, quickly became a villain because he was unfaithful to his fiancee, Raven Ross. His actions underscored the fact that he wasn’t ready to settle down after all, and his case of cold feet at the altar was enough to prove that. However, he admitted that he cheated, and apologized for hurting Raven with his poor judgment. That wasn’t enough to make things right again, and since then, the two have gone their separate ways.

3 Micah Lussier – Love Is Blind Season 4

While Micah Lussier looked like a sweet and caring person that would make a perfect match for anyone on Love Is Blind, season 4, she started showing darker aspects of her personality. Micah became a villain early on in the season, as a result of her “mean girl” attitude towards her female cast mates. She often laughed at them, and may have enjoyed their pain.

She also played her connections, Paul Peden and Kwame Appiah, only wanting the satisfaction of knowing that they were both trying to win her heart. Even though she picked Paul in the end, she had no reservations about continuing to flirt with Kwame. She was making him second-guess his relationship with his fiancee, Chelsea Griffin.

2 Jackelina Brooks – Love Is Blind Season 4

Jackelina “Jackie” Brooks thought she found a sure thing with her fiance, Marshall Glaze. The two instantly connected in the pods, and even though she had a deep connection with another costar, Josh Demas, she ultimately chose Marshall. Unfortunately, Jackie turned out to be the villain of their love story. That’s because she went behind Marshall’s back and started talking to Josh. She stood Marshall up at the altar, choosing Josh in the end.

1 Irina Solomonova – Love Is Blind Season 4

Irina Solomonova is easily one of the biggest villains, not only during Love Is Blind season 4, but in the show’s history. She mistreated her fiancee Zack Goytowski. While the two hit it off in the pods, their chemistry quickly fell flat once they met face to face. Instead of being upfront with Zack from the beginning, Irina insulted Zack’s looks, would barely talk to him, and told everyone about how he gave her the, “ick.”

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