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My Crazy Obsession focused on people’s strange and extreme obsessions, and it’s time to share some of the most bizarre fixations showcased on the series. The show aired on TLC for two seasons. Some obsessions were harmless, while others went too far. Arguably, it’s important to have hobbies, but this show featured people that didn’t have a problem with their own out-of-the-ordinary behavior.

The people featured on My Crazy Obsession were proud to share their hobbies and interests, even though viewers might think they were weird. These cast members were committed to their lifestyles, and didn’t let other people’s opinions or judgments deter them. Read on to learn more about ten of the most unusual obsessions featured on the series.



10 Kelly, My Crazy Obsession, Season 2, Episode 5

Kelly’s connection with her pet squirrel, Sugar Bush, was featured on the TLC show, My Crazy Obsession. Her relationship with her beloved pet was quite out of the ordinary. She explained that her whole life revolved around Sugar Bush, and she treated her like she’d treat a child. She converted most of her home into a makeshift photo studio for Sugar Bush, and dedicated most of her days to her pet squirrel’s life and well-being.

9 Kitty, My Crazy Obsession, Season 1, Episode 1

My Crazy Obsession on TLC gave a glimpse into Kitty’s entirely pink perspective. The color pink was Kitty’s favorite color, and it embodied her entire personality and lifestyle. Every day, she dressed in pink from head to toe, and her entire home was decorated in various shades of the rosy hue. The bright shade made her so happy that she even dyed her dog pink, so it would match everything else in her life. This gave her a sense of individuality, and a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

8 Janet, My Crazy Obsession, Season 1, Episode 2

Janet made a splash on TLC when she featured her impressive Mickey Mouse collection on My Crazy Obsession. She had a collection of over 5,000 Mickey Mouse items that took over her home, but that still wasn’t enough for the Disney fanatic. Each year, she and her husband would travel to Disney World to build her collection. However, the traveling became too much of a hassle, and her love for the cartoon mouse uprooted her life. Eventually, she and her husband moved to Florida, finding a home only seven minutes away from Disney World.

7 Zizi, My Crazy Obsession, Season 1, Episode 6

Zizi was a self-proclaimed carrot queen on the TLC show, My Crazy Obsession. She didn’t only collect various carrot items, but she was so dedicated to the orange vegetable that she got it tattooed on her body (in several places). Zizi’s carrot collection spanned every room in her house, and she admitted that whenever she would see a cute carrot item for sale, she would buy every single one. That’s because she didn’t want anyone else to have them. From carrot slippers to carrot candles, Zizi had it all, and instead of using curlers for her hair, she would use carrots to style it instead.

6 Chantal, My Crazy Obsession, Season 2, Episode 1

TLC viewers saw Chantal’s My Crazy Obsession episode, and it may have shocked them. She didn’t only have one pet rat living in her two-bedroom apartment, but she had nineteen that she affectionately treated like her children. She felt that she’d found her purpose in life, as she loved living with her rats and taking care of them. Chantal’s obsession with her rats got in the way of her eleven-year marriage, forcing her to move out with the creatures in tow. Her husband Chester didn’t want all of them in the home. Chester hoped that they could eventually reconcile, but Chantal knew that she couldn’t be happy without her rats.

5 The Best Family, My Crazy Obsession, Season 2, Episode 4

When the Best family shared their obsession on My Crazy Obsession, it was certainly unique for the TLC reality show. Nick, Callie, Dylan, and Jessica Best were a family of four that deemed themselves the strongest clan in the world. Their obsession led them to training their bodies for 240 hours each week. Dylan and Jessica were only eleven and five years old, but they were able to lift weights to an impressive degree. Nick and Callie had interesting backgrounds, meeting each other on the Strongman/Strong woman circuit. Both of them took part in the competition, and their shared obsession snowballed from there.

4 Bob, My Crazy Obsession, Season 1, Episode 3

Bob and his wife Lizzie featured their strange obsession on TLC, and were proud of their growing collection of love dolls. The couple had the largest love doll collection in the world, consisting of over 240 dolls, ranging from blow-up dolls to the solid and silicone varieties. Bob claimed that he only collected the dolls as a hobby, and never used them for intimacy purposes. Bob estimated that the collection was worth around $150,000. Even though the dolls took over their entire home, Lizzie claimed that the items saved their marriage. They shared a hobby that they both enjoyed.

3 David, My Crazy Obsession, Season 2, Episode 7

David took his obsession to a whole new level on My Crazy Obsession on TLC. In eleven years’ time, David consumed an estimated 5,000 bugs of many types. He kept a freezer in his basement stockpiled with bugs, including grasshoppers, cicadas, cockroaches, tarantulas, and scorpions. David also used bugs as his main ingredient in the meals that he prepared at home. Although he had an affinity for crunchy insects, his wife, and nine-year-old daughter did not. At the time, David had tried over 70 different species of bugs, and his most exotic venture came from eating a rare poisonous Vietnamese Centipede.

2 Eric, My Crazy Obsession, Season 2, Episode 2

Eric My Crazy Obsession merman

One man’s obsession with mermaids took his life into a whole different world on My Crazy Obsession. Instead of finding adventure and fun on land, Eric enjoyed escaping into the water, and swimming wherever his tail would take him. His professional background as a certified scuba diver played a role in his ability to free dive, and hold his breath for up to four minutes underwater. Eric’s obsession knew no bounds, and he drove over an hour and a half, three times a week, to one of Florida’s largest springs. Then, he was able to swim as a merman.

1 Stanley, My Crazy Obsession, Season 1, Episode 5

Although Stanley was 31 years old when he was featured on the unique TLC show, My Crazy Obsession, that wasn’t the age he enjoyed being. His strange obsession truly knew no limits, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do to remain a baby. His obsession started 18 years prior, when he was just 13 years old, and he began wetting the bed.

He claimed that being a baby made him feel safe, and he transformed his entire apartment into a nursery. From sleeping in a crib to eating his meals in a high chair, drinking from a baby bottle, and wearing diapers, Stanley was committed to his babyish lifestyle. He found comfort as an adult baby.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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