10 Worst Decisions Carol Ever Made, According To Reddit


Ever since she was introduced in the first season as one of the survivors of the initial outbreak, Carol Peletier has been on a journey of developing self-confidence and leadership skills. And while she will no longer return with Daryl in their own spin-off series, fans can expect to enjoy seeing how her journey in the final season of The Walking Dead will end.

She has garnered some dedicated fans over the years for her arcs as a mother figure and some creative decisions that have saved her group’s skin from time to time. But she has also made some grave errors throughout the eleven seasons that people on Reddit thought were some terrible choices, which led to dangerous consequences.


Kept Secrets

During the fourth season, Rick discovered that Carol kept a secret back at the prison involving the deaths of a couple of people. According to Redditor totally2cool, they thought that “she was untrustworthy, not only because she murdered people, but primarily she hid the truth away from Rick and the council.”

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While she would eventually return and gain their trust, she should have been open and trusting with the group before taking action into her own hands. Despite committing these terrible actions for the good of the group, her secrecy led to a divide that fractured the trust they built.

Getting Involved In Everyone’s Business

Even as recently as the final season, Carol continuously attempts to jump into everyone’s lives and learn what the other characters may be doing. Anonymous_9 thought she was “one of those annoying people that constantly want to know everyone’s business.”

Despite sometimes leading to her creating a plan to save the day, her nosy and invasive nature led to speculation when rallying the information she discovered with those around her. Whether it was at Alexandria or within the Commonwealth, it may be an unpopular opinion about Carol, but some get hurt by her investigative work.

Chasing The Police

The fifth season introduced a group of survivors led by Dawn, a police officer from the old world who tries to keep order under control. But the rash decision by Carol didn’t see her or other fellow officers starting on good terms. As shonk1105 said, “she wanted to run the car off the road and beat any information out of the driver.”

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In this particular season, Carol has been shown to think about her actions first before strategic thinking, putting her and Daryl in a tough spot within the scene. Not knowing the true extent of firepower within the police car or their base of operations, her thought process saw them off to a bad start with the group.

Burning A Group Of Saviors

After losing her own child back in season two, Carol again developed a motherly relationship with Henry in the ninth season, who she and Ezekial adopted as their own child. Her actions to burn a “group of saviors on fire because one of their members threw him on the ground” may have put people in danger, but made sense, at least according to Redditor DonkeySkin334.

The former members of The Walking Dead‘s biggest villain may have deserved a good talking to and fair punishment, but being burned alive was going overboard. Especially as Rick wanted to unite everyone, Carol didn’t quite see the same eye to eye as what he wanted.

Killing Karen And David

Killed in the fourth season by Carol, Karen and David were carrying an unknown disease that could have spread to everyone around them before dying themselves. Despite being contained, Carol burns them and shonk1105 believed that “if she had stopped for a moment, she would have realized Patrick presented symptoms first.”

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But despite burning their bodies to protect everyone, a majority of the people got sick afterwards which meant that her actions were for nothing. And this brutal action of hers led to her banishment, leaving Rick and the group in devastation for what she did.

Blamed Rick For Her Lost Child

Throughout the second season, the mystery behind Sophia’s disappearance was solved as she became a Walker and met the end of a bullet fired by Rick. Before making the terrible discovery, “she blamed Rick for whatever reason” for losing Sophia, according to wolfiewoods12.

He may have been a sheriff in the world before it fell and the group’s current leader at that time, but he didn’t deserve to take the brunt of her fury. Despite putting everyone else in danger to look for her as the undead roam the streets and woods, Carol should have helped the search with more care for everyone else and a sound strategy.

Freeing Negan

During the series’ tenth season, Negan escaped and found himself joining the Whisperers and catching the eye of their leader, Alpha. DaJesuZ thinks that “her freeing Negan” was not one of Carol’s greatest decisions.

While he may have killed their leader and played a part to cause chaos among the antagonistic group, he was involved in attacking Hilltop, which cost lives. Despite knowing the casualties and the strain that the other communities would have to take in new members, Carol only cared for revenge against the woman who killed Henry. She may be one of the show’s most loyal characters still alive, but she puts her needs first.

Convincing Daryl To Take Over Rick As Leader

One of the longest bonds of friendship throughout The Walking Dead, Daryl and Carol have been through many highs and lows during their journey together and remain each other’s best friends. But one bad decision from Carol saw their loyalty to the group tested as shonk1105 said that the mother heavily judged Rick and “only saw the flaws in his judgment.”

Despite her distrust of him after finding her daughter dead, Carol shouldn’t have forced the young Daryl to take up the position of leader. Rick has shouldered many responsibilities and made some tough decisions for the well-being of others, which Carol should have witnessed herself.

Threatening A Child

Finding salvation within the walls of Alexandria, Carol and the group try to adapt to a potentially stable and peaceful society. However, Carol “threatened to kidnap this little boy in his sleep” that perhaps doesn’t exactly make her the nicest person in etc_eli‘s eyes.

It may be a vital argument for her being a bad person, but Carol’s decision could have easily jeopardized everyone’s newfound peaceful lives. Knowing how to be stealthy and clever to evade capture at this point in the show, she should have known how to cover her tracks better to avoid people witnessing her questionable actions.

Cave Exploration

Among the most dangerous choices Carol has ever made, her taking a team down the cave where Alpha is hiding a large horde of zombies was by far the worst. Bdbell1223 was over Carol “with the cave exploration scene and 2 more people possibly dying.”

As well as putting everyone in danger for the sake of revenge, Carol’s decision made everyone around her skeptical since returning to land after sailing on the ocean. But worse of all, she causes a massive rift between her and Daryl that wouldn’t be healed overnight.

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