10 Worst Wrestling Video Games Of All Time, According To Reddit


The follow-up to WWE 2K22 might end up being a role-playing game if reports are anything to go by. WWE 2K22 didn’t receive the greatest reviews, but it was lauded for fixing many problems that had plagued the much-maligned WWE 2K20, which is considered among the greatest wrestling game misfires.

Redditors have come up with titles they believe might be even worse in terms of gameplay, presentation, and value for money. This includes other wrestling-oriented releases like The Simpsons Wrestling to WWE’s own less-than-stellar entries such as WWE WrestleManiaX8 and more.


WCW Backstage Assault Has No Depth

Goldberg looking up in WCW Backstage Assault

WCW Backstage plays it straight with its title, in that all the wrestling takes back in places like parking lots. This greatly restricts the game’s value since it gets old to have to play in tight environments. Redditor pad_lock questions its worth by writing, “No wrestling in the ring? Terrible idea!”

Backstage fights are generally additional modes in full-on wrestling games that players usually play as part of side activities. WCW Backstage not only dedicated an entire title to it, but it had no depth since players have nothing to do apart from running around and kicking each other.

WCW/NWO Thunder’s Has Too Much Button-Mashing

Select screen of WCW NWO Thunder

Redditor Squackula states that WCW/nWo Thunder “looked wonderful but had awful gameplay.” The game’s mechanics are difficult to figure out since it takes a complex combo move to execute a wrestling grapple, with most players finding it easier just to button-mash.

WCW/nWo Thunder doesn’t encourage users to have fun, as actual wrestling is quite the task when the opponent constantly throws punches while players can’t counter. Button-mashing is the easiest way to win but at the cost of the wrestling aspect of things.

Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood Is A Chaotic Mess

Two men fighting in Backyard Wrestling 2 There Goes the Neighborhood

Redditor SteelyDanzig bluntly states their experience with Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood as them “turning it off after 10 minutes.” The game is a total brawler with no care for wrestling moves or any rules of the sport either.

Quite a few playable characters aren’t even wrestlers, ranging from rappers to adult film stars – these personalities have no move set for players to make use of, which makes them interchangeable since they can only execute kicks and punches.

WWF Attitude Controls Are Too Complicated

Stone Cold standing in the ring in WWF Attitude

In regard to their experience with WWF Attitude, Redditor burningsnailman writes that they “tried to play it, but those controls are infuriating.” The game does have the standard experience like many other well-received WWE games rather than just having to blindly hit the opponent, but it takes a while to get there.

Players have to execute a perfect grapple before they can do damage to the other competitor, which severely slows down the pacing of WWF Attitude. Being restricted in gameplay is the opposite of how players are supposed to feel, so the decision to focus so much on grappling wasn’t the best for WWF Attitude.

WWF Betrayal Is One-Dimensional Beat-Em-Up Game

Stone Cold outside the ring in WWF Betrayal

While Final Fight isn’t part of the genre, many consider it worthy of being named among the best wrestling games due to its entertainment value. However, WWF Betrayal goes the other way by trying too much to be a beat-em-up scroller, with Redditor too_tall_toothpick summing it up as “basically a bad Final Fight knock-off.”

WWF Betrayal has a bizarre premise of Vince McMahon assigning a wrestler the task of rescuing the kidnapped Stephanie, which leads to the playable character beating people up to gain answers. There’s not much to do than the repetition of fighting weak opponents in one-dimensional battles, which garnered the negative Final Fight comparisons.

WWE Wrestlemania 21 Has Bad A.I. Mechanics

Booker T and D Von Dudley winning a match in WWE WrestleMania 21

Unlike the PPV it’s named after, which is a highly popular event, WWE WrestleMania 21 can’t be considered among the best WWE games. Redditor frayednerve gave their reason for why it was “atrocious because of the bad collision detection, mediocre graphics.”

WWE WrestleMania 21 can be pretty laughable with the way the A.I. doesn’t detect damage, meaning that the player’s attacks end up being no-sold by the opponent or might register after some lag resulting in the wrestler reacting several seconds later. Graphics are also not on par with how games looked at the time of WWE WrestleMania 21’s release.

Fire Pro Wrestling (2012) Is Too Juvenile In Its Execution

Two wrestlers fighting in the ring in Fire Pro Wrestling

Redditor ZombieLoveChild claims that they “hate [themselves] for buying that game,” referring to the 2012 version of Fire Pro Wrestling. The Xbox title tried too hard to emulate games that could be found on Nintendo Wii, resulting in rather childish gameplay that didn’t have the promised hardcore mechanics.

Fire Pro Wrestling has a dynamic camera that keeps changing its angles over the simplest of moves, much like an animated show would whenever a character would attack. It sucks the player out of the match since the gameplay’s slapstick quality just doesn’t mesh with wrestling.

WCW Nitro Is An Unpolished Product

Sting and Kevin Nash fighting in WCW Nitro

Redditor c4ravel doesn’t mince words by writing that WCW Nitro is “awful…it felt like trying to start a fire by banging rocks together.” Like other WCW entries, this one also suffered from button-mashing issues, in addition to frame rate problems that showed up when more than one character was onscreen.

WCW Nitro has a large roster to select from, but this isn’t done justice since the game’s presentation is unpolished without any aspect really standing out as a finished product. WCW Nitro doesn’t require much strategy within gameplay nor does it offer much outside of exhibition matches.

Wrestlemania X8 Has Sound And Graphical Issues

Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle fighting in Wrestlemania X8

WWE WrestleMania X8 intended to tie in with the PPV event at the time, with little effort going into making it distinct. Redditor Kyyy_Funk_89 writes that the game’s “animation, controls, and especially the sound, were all quite horrible.”

WWE WrestleMania X8 can have issues with sound due to lag, which leads to a delay where everything from the music to the effect of hitting or slamming an opponent comes late. While the graphics aren’t the worst, they do seem more like a cutscene rather than flow through naturally in-game.

The Simpsons Wrestling

Bart in a wrestling ring in Simpsons Wrestling

There are plenty of non-WWE video games that are great, but The Simpsons Wrestling doesn’t fall under it. Redditor guiltycitizen writes that it “is the worst wrestling game if not the worst game period.” It remains notorious for being one of the worst-received titles criticized for its broken qualities.

The Simpsons Wrestling’s graphics are choppy at best, as the blend between 2D and 3D just doesn’t land. Furthermore, the game tries to bring both wrestling and beat-em-up elements at the same time, which enforces button-mashing, but even that can be useless on certain enemies that just no-sell every attack.

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