11 Major Friendships, Ranked From Worst To Best


At its core, there’s typically not a lot of happiness when it comes to HBO’s Euphoria. Focusing on the hardships that the central teenagers go through, the joy that comes with friendships isn’t something a viewer probably considers while watching the show. That being said, there are a few friendships that stand out.

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Most of the series centers on Rue, so the majority of these bonds involve her. Some friendships on the show are healthy and delightful, while others can actually be quite toxic. For this list, no relationships that are based on a romantic aspect (like Nate and Maddy or McKay and Cassie) were considered.

Updated on February 17th, 2022 by Kevin Pantoja: Season 2 has kind of completely changed the game for Euphoria. For example, an unhealthy romance has sparked between Nate and Cassie and that has, in turn, ruined the friendship between Cassie and Maddy. That Cassie and Nate relationship is just the tip of the iceberg though as new characters like Eliott have altered the series, while established characters like Kat and Rue have done things to dramatically change the audience’s opinions on them. By the time season 2 ends, things could be even more different given the nature of the show.

11 Nate & McKay

McKay looks forward in Euphoria/Nate under an umbrella

Although Nate Jacobs is clearly a popular person given his status as the football captain and the school’s alpha male, he doesn’t seem to have any close friends. Throughout the series, people admire him from afar but in terms of relationships, he has next to nothing going on. He talks to Maddy in their toxic romance but that’s it. The one person he’s seen speaking with in the early episodes is Christopher McKay.

Of course, while they’re buddies from their time on the football field, the friendship isn’t a strong one. Though he’s older, McKay is easily influenced by Nate, who gives him terrible advice regarding Cassie and says awful things about her. McKay takes those things to heart and it leads to the worst parts of his romance with Cassie. Their lone scene in the season 2 premiere only worsened things, with Nate being overly aggressive as he asked intrusive questions about McKay’s relationship with Cassie after just having hooked up with Cassie himself.

10 Cassie & Maddy

Maddy and Cassie look back at the camera in Euphoria

It should come as no surprise that the worst friendships on the show involve Maddy and Nate. Maddy seems to have been friends with Cassie for a long time and they interact in a fair number of episodes. That includes their adventure at the fair where they do drugs together. For the most part, they were shown to be close and though they made poor decisions together at times, they were basically best friends.

That has changed dramatically in season 2. Cassie’s choice to hook up with Nate was bad enough but then she continued to see him and hide it from Maddy. When Maddy found out, she flipped and threatened to hurt Cassie. While there is rightfully a lot of anger at Nate for this from Maddy, she felt betrayed by her best friend and Cassie’s defense about Maddy not dating Nate at the time doesn’t change what she did.


9 Elliot, Jules, & Rue

Split image of Jules hugging Rue and laying with Elliot

As soon as Elliot arrived in season 2, viewers got the sense that it meant something bad. Either he could drive a wedge between Jules and Rue or worse, he would only make Rue’s drug addiction even worse. It turns out that both were kind of true.

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Rue spent a lot of time with Elliot and away from Jules, which caused problems and only led to her doing more drugs. When Jules met Elliot, they formed a more romantic bond than expected. However, it really got bad when they all started playing games with one another which led to jealousy and harmful things being said. It feels like these three aren’t a healthy trio together.

8 Jules & Maddy

Jules and Maddy comfort each other in Euphoria

They haven’t been given much screen time to this point but fans have fallen in love with the friendship between Jules and Maddy. In season 1, they were only ever seen with mutual friends (mainly Kat) but were nice to each other. There was even a quick glimpse of Jules loving Maddy’s outfit for the dance. Season 2 saw them arrive at the New Year’s party together with Kat but it was in the second episode where they actually bonded.

Jules comforted Maddy about her negative thoughts towards what she wants in a relationship and when Maddy said she might get back together with Nate, Jules had the kindest words for her, saying she wished Maddy saw herself the way that others do. The only thing holding this duo back is that they don’t appear all that much together.

7 Kat & Maddy

Maddy and Kat walk the halls with shades on in Euphoria

The show hasn’t delivered many actual bonding scenes between Maddy and Kat but their friendship is clear. The two are kind of always together and Maddy even seems to grow to respect Kat more as the show progresses.

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When Maddy finds out about Cassie and Nate, it’s Kat who she talks to. When Kat opens up about how she wants to break up with Ethan despite things being good on the surface, Maddy is there for her with advice. They have proven to only get better as friends as time has gone on.

6 Ali & Rue

Ali looks at the camera while Rue sits in the booth behind him in Euphoria

Before the special episode centering on Rue, this probably wouldn’t have even ranked. Ali only appears at Rue’s narcotics anonymous meetings and becomes something of a sponsor for her during season 1. In the special episode, Ali spends nearly the entire time talking with Rue.

Though he’s there to help her after her relapse, the two actually bond through shared experiences and deep conversations. It’s some of the best emotion shared between two characters in the series. Season 2 has only built on that, with Ali there for Rue when she needs it, forming a bond with her family, and even having the heart to forgive her when she says something terrible to him.

5 Jules & Rue

Jules and Rue talk in bed in Euphoria

Rue and Jules are the heart of the show. Things don’t get put into motion until Jules arrives in town and by the end of the first episode, Rue rides home with her. The two form an instant connection and remain close for the rest of the season. Feelings develop and there’s a romantic edge to them as both have admitted to falling in love with the other.

They stay on this list despite that because the friendship is how it began and the love only came after a bit. Together, they share many secrets, have each other’s backs, and care deeply for one another. Rue’s addiction ultimately weighs them down as she unfairly blames Jules for certain things and Jules feels pressure to never do anything to upset her. Considering how things have recently gone for them, it seems like they’re better as friends than as a couple.

4 Jules & Kat

Jules and Kat from Euphoria

It would have been nice if season 2 focused more on the friendship between Jules and Kat. Although the series really got going when Jules and Rue met, it is revealed that Jules and Kat became friends first while in summer school. The two don’t spend a ton of time together but when they do, it’s a sweet friendship.

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It’s Jules who helps Kat start her path towards being more confident and accepting of herself. They share texts throughout the show even when they don’t hang out. Season 2 did point out that Jules kind of became an island with Rue and forgot about Kat, which was unfair. After that, the two spent a bit more time together but still not quite enough.

3 Fezco & Rue

Fezco sits next to a standing Rue in Euphoria

When fans are first introduced to Fezco, it seems like he’s just a run-of-the-mill drug dealer. He gets Rue what she pays for and that’s it. However, in the second episode, he desperately pleads with her to leave his home before dangerous people arrive. He pays them a hefty sum of money to keep her safe.

Fezco also denies her drugs after it, leading to Rue’s emotional breakdown outside of his door. Rue ultimately apologizes and Fezco takes it in stride. He understands why she said and did what she did and he remains by her side. Fezco is also the person to step right up to Nate to make him leave Rue alone. To top it off, when he was asked by a drug dealer if Rue was trustworthy, he called her family and said he trusted her with his life, which is something special.

2 Lexi & Rue

Lexi And Rue Euphoria

It is explained in the first episode that Lexi and Rue are old friends, having known each other since pre-school. The two remained close for most of their lives, practiced kissing on one another at one point, and were there for each other. Things changed after Rue’s dad died and she started doing drugs.

Despite the fact that Rue became something of a bad friend (which she admits), Lexi is still there for her. When Rue needed clean urine, Lexi provided it and she was the one to check on her in the bathroom during her first day back at school. Lexi is also the person by Rue’s side at Halloween, helping her protect Gia.

1 Ashtray & Fezco

Ashtray talks to someone as Fezco stands in the background in Euphoria

In terms of a tight bond, nobody on Euphoria can top Ashtray and Fezco. After Fezco is introduced in the first episode, he sends Rue to Ashtray for drugs. The audience doesn’t expect that Ashtray is a young kid, making for one of the show’s best surprises.

Ashtray isn’t one of the core characters but he’s always by Fezco’s side. Season 2 has only added to this bond, revealing that Ashtray was left with Fezco and his grandmother when he was a baby and they’ve stuck together ever since. They’re partners but more importantly, they see each other as brothers. Ashtray is willing to protect Fezco at all costs, from beating Cal with a gun to killing Mouse.

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