13 Scenes That Live Rent-Free In Fans’ Heads, According To Reddit


Bravo’s Southern Charm has had some incredible moments during its eight seasons. The ups and downs of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel’s relationship was an ongoing storyline for five seasons and fans loved following along. Since Thomas left, it’s now Austen, Craig, and Shep’s love lives and friendships that have taken center stage.

As likable as the cast members are as individuals, there’s something that comes over the group when they’re together that creates explosive situations. Fans have taken to Reddit to share a few moments that live rent-free in their heads. No matter how much time has gone by, these scenes are hard to forget.


Updated on October 13, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Now that season 8 has concluded, fans of Southern Charm can’t wait to see what happens next between Shep and Taylor, Craig and Paige, and even the friendships among the group. Bridges were burned, breakups occurred, and friendships were destroyed. As dramatic as that all sounds, that’s what makes Southern Charm such an entertaining reality TV show — there’s always something happening in this friend group. And while early seasons of the show have to be some of the cringiest, there are some more current scenes that live rent-free in Reddit fans’ heads.

When Craig Defended His Sewing To Naomie

It’s an unpopular Southern Charm opinion to think that Craig and Naomie were a good couple on Southern Charm. The two dated for over a year, but Naomie eventually called it quits when she wanted more from her relationship. Craig took the breakup hard, but it was needed for his growth.

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One of her arguments with Craig was that he wasn’t doing much with his life and was instead staying home sewing. Craig sewed because he was passionate about it and wanted to make his own line of pillows. Srs1289 told Reddit the scene that lived rent-free in their mind was when Craig looked at Naomie and very plainly asked, “What’s wrong with my sewing?” The question went on to become an instant meme and even a slogan for a few of Craig’s products from his business, Sewing Down South.

Kathryn Screaming Thomas’ Name While Running Down The Dock

The Southern Charm seasons that fans loved best were the early ones in which Kathryn and Thomas were still figuring out their relationship. Season 2 included a moment that is hard for fans to stop thinking about: when Kathryn chased Thomas down a dock after a fight at a party.

After the two got into a disagreement at an event over the status of their relationship, Kathryn shared her frustration with Thomas, which scared him away. As Thomas left the building in a quick rage, an emotional Kathryn chased after him. Anongirl55 wrote that they loved the moment “[Thomas] walks off as she yells after him (in her oversized fur coat and horrid false lashes), ‘THOMAS!'” Fans can still hear Kathryn’s voice as she screamed after him. Between him running from her and Kathryn screaming his name in public, this remains an iconic moment in reality TV history.

Shep’s Roller Derby Birthday Party Was Weird

When it was revealed that Landon had deeper feelings for Shep, it made more sense as to why she wanted to throw him a birthday party. What made Shep’s ‘70s-themed party odd was that it was at a roller-skating rink and Shep had never roller-skated before… Fans quickly noted that Landon made his party all about her and it made her one of Southern Charm’s more unlikable cast members because of it.

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What was worse was that Shep wanted Kathryn there, but since Landon didn’t like Kathryn, she never invited her. This created some serious tension. SallySumrall will never forget Shep’s party because of how “self-serving” Landon was. They wrote, “[Landon] lied about inviting Kathryn. The entire party was about Landon being a middle school cheerleader. Custom roller skates? The party was NOT about Shep.”

Kathryn Vs. Naomie

Kathryn and Naomie have had their good and bad times, but as of late, they’ve been on a downhill spiral. Their beef created plenty of shocked reactions from the season 8 Southern Charm reunion, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be friends any time soon.

At the start of season 8, Kathryn hated that Naomie talked behind her back about her painting and legal battles with her children’s father. When Kathryn eventually saw Naomie at her birthday party, she unleashed and called her a “petty little b*tch,” which is now etched in fans’ memories, according to Prudent-Ladder2774 on Reddit. Hexensabbat concluded, “This was so unnecessary and messy of her but GOD was it entertaining. Which, now that I think about it, describes many of her more iconic moments on the show.”

Craig Ruined Everything At Patricia’s Party

In season 8, Patricia invited the men over to her place for a French-inspired dinner. With the wine flowing, everyone was drunk and laughing the entire night.

Knowing how expensive Patricia’s furnishings were, it was shocking when Craig not only spilled his wine on her expensive couch but also broke the leg of an 18th-century chair! The moments live rent-free in SilverMatch1’s mind as they shared how funny it was on Reddit. “Did anyone laugh at Patricia’s dinner & Craig destroying the couch and then the 18th-Century chair? I just laughed out loud myself,” they joked.

Thomas’s Horrific Dinner Party At Patricia’s House

No matter how intelligent Thomas may seem on Southern Charm, he slowly became one of the least likable characters once he insulted an entire dinner table of friends in season 3.

To celebrate his new home, he invited a handful of guests over for a dinner party. But before the food was even served, Thomas gave a toast in which he went around the table and insulted his friends one by one. Lonely_Cartographer wrote that the moment that lives rent-free in their mind is when “Thomas had a dinner party and insulted all his guests by naming their flaws with devastating accuracy.” As Thomas saw red, his guests slowly left the party. There has never been a dinner party quite like this one on Bravo.

Landon’s Poor Business Proposal

When Landon first joined the cast, it was theorized that she came back to Charleston from Southern California as a way to win back her old college friend, Shep. But after realizing a future with Shep wasn’t possible, Landon tried to find a purpose to stay in the city.

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Eventually, she realized she wanted to create an online magazine about traveling. To prepare for a business meeting, Landon was ready to show off the theme of her website and how she wanted it to be. The only problem was that her proposal wasn’t online at all… but on paper. Instacam20 laughed about it on Reddit, “A proposal on paper for….a website,” insinuating that Landon had no idea what she was doing. The moment was rather telling of her competency and direction. In the end, the website was short-lived and ultimately closed.

Austen’s Incriminating Cheating Video

Sweepstakes124 commented about a moment that a bunch of Southern Charm fans on Reddit will never get out of their heads: “Austen running around in that cheating clip they showed a million times grabbing his [pants], going ‘Madison, this is insane right now!'” The moment between Austen and Madison became a Southern Charm meme, GIF, reaction, and beyond.

In the clip shown on Southern Charm, Madison found out that her then-boyfriend, Austen, was cheating on her. She went over to his house, where she caught him with two other women. One woman, in particular, filmed the whole thing and posted it online. Austen screamed, “Madison!” more times than fans can count, and it’s now forever etched in their memories.

Patricia’s Takeout Routine

Patricia acts as the parent of the group and the Queen Bee of Charleston. It’s Patricia’s way or the highway. Fans knew she had class, but that part of her personality was enhanced to a new level when her butler, Michael, drove her to a McDonald’s, ordered for her, and set up a dining excursion in the back of her Bentley with a table cloth, wine, and fabric napkins.

In the scene, Lola1stella2 wrote that it wasn’t the dining experience that took over their mind, it was the order itself. They commented, “Michael and no tomato, no ketchup on Pat’s drive-thru order. (I feel a certain kind of way about this personally because I prefer the ketchup but no actual tomato on my burger, and he’s ruining my order system).” Between her chosen order and the dining experience, this moment will never leave fans’ minds.

When Ashley Pulled Some Moves On Shep

One of the most dramatic moments in Southern Charm was when Ashley and Thomas began their relationship. Ashley hated the fact that Thomas had children with Kathryn and wanted her gone more than anything. But when Ashley and Thomas began to have their own issues, she realized she needed another reason to stay in South Carolina instead of heading home to California.

In ‘Game Changer,’ Ashley told Craig and Shep that she and Thomas were not in a good place and she wished there was another person keeping her in Charleston. Chgralac73 told Reddit they can’t stop thinking about when Ashley approached “Shep at the Polo [match] when Thomas was over her.” To make matters worse, she told Craig that they could be dating if Craig was a little older and more established. The fact that Ashley was still dating Thomas while looking for her next relationship was wild.

Thomas Literally Jumped Out Of A Window

There are plenty of fake things that happen on Southern Charm, but Kathryn and Thomas’ relationship was not one of them. This includes the time Thomas jumped out of a window to escape a conversation with Kathryn.

One Redditor wrote, “Thomas attempting to climb out of an upstairs window” was a moment they’ll never forget. He and Kathryn were in the nursery arguing, and when he tried to leave the room, Kathryn blocked the door. The only way out was a window. Thomas opened the window and leaped out like he’d done it 100 times before. The mental image of Thomas hopping out of a window to hide from Kathryn is something that can’t be unseen.

When Thomas And Kathryn Tried To Part Ways

Before Thomas and Kathryn had their children, they fell head over heels for each other. However, Thomas couldn’t help but feel scared about the fact that he was far older than Kathryn. A Southern Charm life lesson that they ignored at the time was that they were on two different paths. Brightbrightblue wrote that “Thomas crying to Kathryn ‘I’m [an] old maayyyunnn‘ during one of their many makeup sessions” stuck out to them all these years later.

Thomas did refer to himself as an old man compared to the 20-something Kathryn. But it was the way he said “old man” that has fans giggling still today.


Ashley Jacobs tried her best to become an iconic Bravolebrity during her time on the show, but her problematic views ruined that opportunity. Ashley was negative toward Kathryn, didn’t get along with the other women, and seemed to be with Thomas for the wrong reasons.

In one episode, the entire group went to Hilton Head for a vacation. As usual, Ashley started an argument with Kathryn. When everyone supported Kathryn in response, Ashley unleashed on the whole group. At the house, she tried winning over Chelsea, but Chelsea didn’t want any part of Ashley’s mess. DelightSatelite wrote their favorite part in this episode was when “Chelsea was just trying to go upstairs and Ashley was screaming her name over and over again.” Fans can still hear Ashley screaming Chelsea’s name as “Chelt-sea.”

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