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After picking up quite a steady following with fans both in the United States and around the world, people are looking for other shows like Young Royals. The Swedish drama series centers on Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, a young prince who finds himself stuck at a prestigious boarding school after a wild night out. Like all teen shows, Young Royals has no shortage of drama as Wilhelm adjusts to his new life and finds his royal status at odds with who he really wants to be. On top of all that, Wilhelm is also trying to navigate his sexuality. With only a handful of episodes thus far, fans are yearning for shows like Young Royals.

The highly anticipated season 2 of Young Royals dropped in late 2022 as the season picks up at the start of a new academic year and follows Wilhelm as he deals with his new royal duties while trying to enact revenge on August who leaked the sex tape. With more drama and higher stakes, the second season is an exciting one that has fans hoping for a season 3. Until then, fans of Young Royals can enjoy these shows that are, sometimes, eerily similar to the Swedish drama.



16 Degrassi: Next Class (2016-2017)

Degrassi Next Class cast

Degrassi: Next Class centered on a group of characters who previously appeared on Degrassi Next Generation while also introducing a handful of new characters. It ran for a few seasons on Netflix and hoped to make Degrassi appeal to Gen-Z viewers with more modern storylines. Like Young Royals, Degrassi: Next Class is full of teenage angst and drama. Both series also explore same-sex relationships and the pressure teenagers are under to be the people their parents expect them to be.

15 Heartbreak High (2022-)

Characters sitting on stairs in Heartbreak High

A reboot of a popular Australian teen series, Heartbreak High, premiered on Netflix in September 2022 and was renewed for a second season a month later. The show follows a group of Hartley High students who all find themselves in a mandatory sexual education class after a map detailing the class’s sexual exploits is discovered on school property. Like season 2 of Young Royals, both shows deal with the aftermath of sexual activities being publicized against their wills. They also both tackle hard-hitting topics like drug use and feature parents who are trying their best to understand their queer teenagers.

14 Heartstopper (2022-)

Nick and Charlie in Heartstopper

Netflix’s Heartstopper is be one of the biggest teen shows to premiere in 2022. Based on the popular graphic novel series of the same name, the dramedy centers on Charlie and Nick, who forge an unlikely relationship that blossoms into something romantic during their school year. Heartstopper and Young Royals have so much in common, starting with the fact that both leads look an awful lot like each other. In addition, they both deal with pairings where one person is completely out while the other is still figuring out their sexuality. And both attend schools where being queer isn’t totally accepted by the student body.

13 High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (2019-)

The cast of High School Musical The Musical The Series

Inspired by the beloved DCOM High School Musical, the series version centers on a group of drama students from the real East High who are putting on their first-ever production of High School Musical. The most recent season followed a select group of students who attended a musical summer camp where they put on the first-ever student production of Frozen.

While there is definitely more singing in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series than there is in Young Royals, the shows do have some similarities. With the characters at a summer camp in season 3, both shows explore what it’s like living with your peers. And both shows also feature same-sex couples trying to figure out who they are and what they want from each other.

12 One Of Us Is Lying (2021-2022)

11 The cast of One Of Us Is Lying Season 2

Peacock’s One Of Us Is Lying did not disappoint with season 2. The series centers on a group of teenagers from different high school cliques who find themselves in detention. When one of them mysteriously dies during the detention, the remaining four become the prime suspects and must figure out what actually happened before it’s too late. There’s a certain level of mystery going on in Young Royals that makes it similar to One Of Us Is Lying since Wilhelm and Simon’s sex tape leaks in season 1 and no one knows the source. Both shows also deal with the loss of loved ones as Wilhelm mourns the death of his brother and the characters in One Of Us Is Lying mourn the complicated lives of their classmates.

10 Love, Victor (2020-2022)

Felix and Victor hugging on the curb

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Love, Victor is definitely one of Hulu’s most popular teen drama series, and deservedly so. The series is set in the same universe as Love, Simon, and follows Victor Salazar as he adjusts to his new life at Creekwood High and all that it has to offer. There might not be any royals at Creekwood High, but Love, Victor, and Young Royals have a lot more in common than it might seem. For starters, both leads are navigating their sexualities and the negative effects new romances might have on their parents. They also both find solace in the friends they make at school.

9 The Royals (2015-2018)

The Henstrige family dressed all in black in The Royals

The Royals made history as E!’s first-ever scripted series, where it ran for four seasons before its cancelation. The drama series followed the fictional British royal family known as the Henstridges, who was no stranger to family drama and entertaining scandals. Not only do both these shows center on fictional royal families, but Wilhelm and Prince Liam have a lot in common since they both become the immediate heir to the throne after their older brothers die unexpectedly. They also both have mothers who are obsessed with the royal image.

8 Skam (2015-2017)

Issak and Evan from Skam

The Norwegian teen drama series Skam (“shame” in English) originally ran from 2015 to 2017 and even spawned an American version. The series focused on a new main character every season and regularly dealt with deep real-life issues affecting teenagers. While international shows don’t always make an impact on American audiences, both Young Royals and Skam seemingly have. The third season is most similar to Young Royals because the third season focuses on Isak, a young teenager struggling with his sexuality after he falls in love with another boy.

7 Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-2015)

Degrassi Class of 2012 throwing their caps

Degrassi may be a Canadian teen drama franchise, but it’s had major success in the United States since its inception in the 70s. However, it’s Degrassi: The Next Generation that has been the most successful as it has followed several characters, including some recycled Degrassi characters, throughout their high school journeys over the year. Like Young Royals, Degrassi never strayed away from tackling deep real-world issues in authentic ways. With over fourteen seasons, there’s bound to be overlap but seasons 10 and on are definitely the most similar in tone and theme with Young Royals.

6 Genera+ion (2021)

Cast of Genera+ion gathered around a camera

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One of the newest teen drama series of 2021 is HBO Max’s Genera+ion. The series follows a group of high school students who are all trying to survive high school, fall in love, and deal with their varying family situations. Genera+ion sets itself apart from other series by playing with the timeline, regularly jumping forward in time. While definitely more explicit in nature, Genera+ion and Young Royals do have a lot of overlap when it comes to teenagers exploring their sexualities and love lives.

5 Elite (2018-)

Season 2 cast of Elite in the classroom

Another Netflix international teen drama series, Elite follows three working-class teenagers who find themselves interacting with the extremely wealthy and privileged teens while attending a prestigious private school. However, things take a turn when in a shocking twist, a student is murdered, leaving the two student bodies at odds. Like Young Royals, Elite’s action mostly takes place among the halls of a prestigious high school. In addition, the three main characters have a lot in common with Simon and Sara, who are both attending the Young Royals boarding schools on scholarship.

4 Skins (2007-2013)

Season 1 cast of Skins posing against a brick wall

Skins is a British dramedy series that ran for seven seasons and was a major success, becoming a cult classic amongst teen audiences. The series was unique in that the cast changed every two years to match the schooling the characters were going through on the show. Several cast members of Skins went on to become huge stars, including Daniel Kaluuya, Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel. The show could best be compared to Degrassi, but it also has a lot in common with Young Royals. While no royals attended the school in Bristol, South West England, there were tones of drama similar to that of Young Royals.

3 Trinkets (2019-2020)

Original cast of Netflix's Trinkets

Trinkets is yet another criminally underrated teen dramedy series. The show centers on three teenagers from different walks of life who all find themselves enrolled in the same Shoplifters Anonymous program. The girls eventually become friends and help each other navigate high school and their differing home lives. Both Young Royals and Trinkets have amazing female characters who forge important and powerful friendships. Like Felice and Sara, Moe, Tabitha, and Elodie come to rely on and support each other through the good times and the bad.

2 Everything Sucks! (2018)

Luke and Kate leaning against red lockers in Everything Sucks

Unfortunately, Everything Sucks! belongs to the esteemed “canceled after one season” Netflix club. The teen dramedy series was set in 1990 and followed the high school AV and drama clubs as they join forces to create an epic movie that will help them become more popular in school. Like Young Royals, Everything Sucks! really nails the awkwardness of high school. Kate and Wilhelm also have a lot in common in that they’re both dealing with their own sexuality while being pursued by someone who would be “easier” for them to be with.

1 Gossip Girl (2021-2023)

2021 cast of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl was a massive success when it first aired in the early 2000s and now it has been revived by HBO Max with a brand new set of characters. The series still takes place in a prestigious New York private school but with a whole new group of characters, there’s even more drama than before. The obvious similarities between Gossip Girl and Young Royals are the prestigious high school settings. There are also a handful of characters who are there on “scholarship,” making them the clear outcast from the rest of the wealthy cast. And of course, there are characters who are exploring their sexualities.


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