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It’s not rare for reality television shows to be beloved for their messiness, yet Too Hot To Handle still exists in its own lane. Fans of this unscripted Netflix series tend to fall into two camps: trash connoisseurs (aka reality television aficionados) or unsuspecting bystanders (who get sucked in and can’t escape). Either way, both camps show up for the drama, stay for the utter madness, and take to Reddit threads to share their juiciest opinions.

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Between arguments over which contestants deserved the prize fund and running commentary on whether or not the premise holds up, the Too Hot To Handle Reddit threads are where it’s at for the steamiest discourse.

Updated March 22nd by Christian Peterson: Netflix released the third season of its original reality series Too Hot To Handle on January 19, continuing a franchise that has cemented itself as a mainstay of popular culture by the merits of its unique premise and continuous stream of charismatic contestants. As they await an expected-but-not-confirmed fourth season, fans of the show have voiced their opinions about its themes, devices, and cast members on Reddit, with some taking positions that contradict popular consensus but are supported by fresh perspective and sound analysis regardless.

15 Season 3 Is The Best Season So Far

Too Hot To Handle Season 3

Netflix has released three seasons of Too Hot To Handle since the show’s 2020 debut – with content amusing enough that some consider Too Hot To Handle one of the funniest reality TV shows of all time – and fans of the series disagree on which of the three that they prefer. Reddit user Iskra1999 is one of the few viewers who is most fond of the third season, writing that “it was the most fun to watch because of all the plot twists.” While fans are predominantly more appreciative of the earlier episodes of the series, the breadth of the show’s fan base allows for a wide array of opinions about its most valuable assets and its most pertinent flaws.

14 Some Viewers Take The Show Too Seriously

Jackson and Izzy touch their chins in Too Hot Too Handle 3

Too Hot To Handle has gained a following that is as passionate as it is broad, with many viewers analyzing the behavior of the respective contestants with a level of dedication not that is not normally afforded to reality television. In a post on the show’s subreddit, Redditor lizzzosflute argued that many fans are more dedicated to the series than its producers intended for them to be, saying, “We don’t have to judge if people are going to be in a lasting relationship because this isn’t the bachelor or whatever.”


13 Nathan And Holly Are Valuable Cast Members

holly nathan too hot to handle season 3

Many fans found Season 3 stars Nathan Soan and Holly Scarfone to be offputting, likely due to their eccentric and somewhat destructive behavior. But some of the show’s viewers prize the chaos that contestants such as Soan and Scarfone bring to it, and thereby consider them to be valuable contributors to the franchise. As part of a list of unpopular opinions, Ok_Recognition_8503 offered their support of Nathan and Holly, saying, “I don’t watch reality TV to watch people be nice and better themselves. I want the mess, the cringe and the drama.”

12 It’s Ideal When The Cast Members Violate The Rules

Georgia Hassarati and Izzy Fairthorne Too Hot To Handle Season 3

While some of the show’s viewers are invested in the well-being of their favorite contestants, others feed off of the inevitable chaos that results from their misbehavior. kokokringle1 disagrees with those who want the producers to aid the contestants in the process, remarking, “I would rather watch for the drama than for the romance. I want as much messiness as possible.” Some view the premise of the show – fostering the personal growth of the contestants – as more of a conceit, with its true value stemming from the enjoyability of watching cast members sour their relationships and fail at their objectives.

11 Rhonda Was Judgmental

Too Hot to Handle Rhonda Paul

Season 1 contestant Rhonda Paul was relatively popular among much of the show’s fan base, but one Reddit user opined that she was more judgmental than she had been given credit for. beckyxa wrote, “I couldn’t stand Rhonda’s judgmental facial expressions toward everyone. She seemed like she was supposed to be nice but then her face was always so snarky!” While basing a character assessment on an individual’s superficial traits is generally poor practice, identifying characteristics that may have been overlooked by the general public can prove fruitful when analyzing public figures.

10 Too Hot To Handle Was Actually Good

melinda melrose Too Hot To Handle CROPPED

Even fans of the show aren’t decided about whether the show is actually good or not. Some viewers have argued they have to suspend their disbelief when it comes to the premise and the “unscripted” conversations among the cast.

hellknower‘s, however, argued, “Too Hot To Handle on Netflix was good,” citing the drama as a compelling reason to check out the series. That said, it’s that very same drama that’s one element of the show many viewers are skeptical of.

9 Chloe Isn’t Everyone’s Favorite

Fan-favorite Chloe from season 1 got her start on Too Hot To Handle, then quickly attracted more fans as she made the jump to The Circle. Though the masses tend to really appreciate Chloe, her personality, and the growth she’s exhibited on and off the show, some Reddit users still have some hangups about her.

SM_2601 wrote, “I wasn’t much of a fan of Chloe if I’m being honest. IMO she was definitely playing dumb and I didn’t find it cute or endearing. I also didn’t appreciate the way she handled the Fran situation. Sure Fran should/could have spoken to her before going on the date with Kori but she definitely didn’t need to speak to Fran in that way and not even give her a chance to share her side.”

8 The Narrator Is Kind Of Mean

Cam Holmes Emily Miller Too Hot To Handle

On shows like Too Hot To Handle, the narrator usually says what everyone’s thinking. While most viewers are just as flabbergasted as the narrator by the cast’s gall, hypocrisy, and tomfoolery, some took to Reddit to point out the harshness of certain comments.

Zinvitali wrote, “Too Hot To Handle is completely undermined by its terrible narrator … the narrator constantly makes fun of the contestants and can be downright mean.” iluvwinterx agreed, writing, “Yes I was definitely thinking this, the narrator as a whole destroys the immersion when she pitches in every two seconds during a conversation.”

7 Cam Should Have Won Season 2

This unpopular opinion is truly controversial. Cam was arguably a season 2 villain. His flirting and lies did not make him likable or worthy of Emily in many fans’ eyes. While most viewers are in agreement that Cam was not one of the Too Hot to Handle players who deserved to win the prize fund, some Reddit users argue otherwise.

thedean246 wrote, “It appears I have an unpopular opinion thinking Cam was the most deserving. I honestly think he came furthest from where he started than any of the others.” HarveyCMoreau echoed this sentiment, stating, “After the show, it’s clear Cam grew the most. Dude moved in with Em and they are still together.”

6 The Casts Haven’t Been Too Hot To Handle

Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante Too Hot To Handle

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, of course,yet some Too Hot to Handle viewers still feel like the show wasn’t successful at finding the hottest hotties. steingrrrl said, “I think they hyped up the ‘hotness’ way too much.”

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happydaize_34 added, “I really don’t find these people excessively attractive. Sure, they have nice bodies, and clearly take care of themselves, but I don’t know, they’re just not really my cup of tea ‘hotness’ wise.” One Reddit user argued it could be because “nobody in this show is honestly very likable.”

5 Matheus Might Have Grown The Most

Brenda sitting on Matheus' lap in Too Hot to Handle

Matheus, of Too Hot To Handle Brazil fame, set a record for how many times he did the deed on the show, but that did not endear him to most fans. However, upon further reflection, one Reddit user pointed out it might have been because he received a villain edit.

Iconissued posted, “I respect that he never let Brenda take the heat alone and made himself the bad guy in her defense. He might have been selfish but I do think it was for the right reasons when it came to Brenda. He also tried to gaslight her in the beginning, which she picked up and called him out on. After that, I do think he took the initiative to change. Because in reality, they were the only strong couple in the house [and] the only surviving couple” post-show.

4 Too Hot To Handle Is Wholesome

A group of girls looking shocked in Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is known as being one of the horniest shows on any streaming platformwopbabaloobop, however, begs to differ. They asserted, “Too Hot to Handle is so unexpectedly wholesome … they were actual people who I could relate to. Watching their sexual desires fight against the shame of disappointing their community was endlessly entertaining.”

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Another Reddit user agreed, reminding users of “when the guys had that warrior exercise, I cried. It was so beautiful to see all those overly masculine men being vulnerable and showing how hurt they are (in my opinion, people that only care about sex and not feelings are crying for help). I was pleasantly surprised.”

3 Larissa And Kayla Deserved More

Season 2 had quite the cast of characters. From Christina to Peter to Melinda to Chase to Marvin, there were a lot of big personalities stealing the show. While the most popular Too Hot To Handle players captured many fans’ hearts, some viewers preferred quieter contestants like Larissa and Kayla.

auntynia said, “Larissa may actually be my fav person … she seems the most intelligent and rational person among all. And the fact that she’s a lawyer!! + can also make jokes about being a real-life legally blonde. I wish they gave her & Kayla more screentime.” ilove711hotdogs added, “Kayla is just naturally so pretty. People think she is boring, cause she didn’t get a lot of screentime but I watched her first Youtube vlog, and she has a fun personality and just genuinely seems nice as a person.”

2 The Prize Fund Is Too Low

While the season 2 cast had the opportunity to win the entire prize fund solo, the fact that the season 1 cast had to share $100,000 still doesn’t sit right with some viewers. One Reddit user argued the prize fund is an “insultingly low amount for a Netflix show that will make millions off of them.” Another user agreed: “The prize money is just ridiculously low. Who cares about splitting POTENTIAL 100k with 10 people? Why would you follow a single rule? Memories> >>>>The 10k max prize money. “

instanugg suggested, “They should each start with 10k, and when people lose money, it should get divided to others not rule-breaking since they’re not even dividing it evenly at the end anyways.”

1 Kelz Deserved The Prize Fund

Too Hot to Handle Netflix Season 1 Kelz

Allegedly, there’s been some pushback on who was deserving of the prize fund in season 1. OneMikeNation wrote, “So been noticing a lot of people saying Kelz didn’t deserve the prize money since he didn’t show any personal growth. But he is literally the only person who did not break the rules when the temptation was in front of him.” Another Reddit user agreed, arguing, “People are so obsessed with couples and things shoved into their face that they don’t even notice if a person grows and learns on their own. He embraced the entire process, he didn’t break the rules, and I think he was the true winner.”

tomxbaker concluded the conversation by pointing out, “I think him accepting and liking Harry counted as growth.”

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