3 Basic Cues Absolutely Necessary To Teach Your New Dog


Whether you realized it or not, your dog’s training started from the moment you bought it home. Yes, since puppies are taken away from their mum at a very early stage, they tend to learn everything from the owner from the point you two met. So, you can never underestimate the dog’s ability to learn. It just takes a good owner to make him learn basic and additional tips and tricks. Some people train their dogs themselves, while some hire dog trainers in Manhattan and other parts of the world. Whatever mode of training you choose, listing down the must-teach cues for your new dog. 

Ability to socializing

You know, sometimes dogs don’t respond well to socializing with strangers or other dogs. So,  it is important to teach your dog that the world is a safe place and not everyone is here to harm them. The approved name for this training is “socialization,” and it involves taking your dog to lots of different places, trying to expose it to different sights, humans, sounds, and other animals. Also, you need to make sure it’s having a good time while on the training. Your aim is to give your dog a positive image of the world and everything that it is likely to experience in this dog life. Lots of dog owners understand the process of introducing their puppy to lots of different situations for socialization. However, they often miss focusing on the critical part, i.e., making sure the dog is comfortable and having a pleasant time.

Potty training

Teaching your dog or pup to relieve themselves in designated places is very important if you want to avoid awkward situations in the future. That is why Manhattan dog training focuses on providing dogs with potty training. It is a process of training your dog to relieve where you want it to and when you want it to. This training is simple though the process may take some time. But once you have trained your dog, no poop surprises will lay around in your house. This training also proves useful when you are traveling with your dog. Your dog will know that it has to control and relive only at the designated stops. 

Designate chewable objects

Some dogs have a habit of chewing a few things significantly when growing up. Though it’s okay to let it chew, but letting it chew anything and everything is not a good thing, and it will cause a problem for you later. So, another important thing to teach your dog is to learn about the designated chewable objects and chew only these things. If it chews your hands for more than 30 seconds, say “ouch” to make the pawed one feel that it hurt you and not repeat it again. 

With these basic cues, shape your dog’s natural behavior. Training rewards you and your dog with a good foundation. 


Originally posted 2022-01-13 10:01:18.


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