4 Ways Amy’s Emotional Immaturity Is Hurting Her



Amy Slaton’s emotions are often the driving force behind many of her choices, and the consequences are finally catching up to her on 1000-lb Sisters. She has struggled to deal with the curveballs that life has thrown her way in her marriage, in terms of motherhood and her weight loss journey. Each new chapter has been an adjustment, and she hasn’t been sure how to handle it.

Since the start of 1000-lb Sisters, Amy has had difficulty navigating her feelings surrounding her confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. While her sister Tammy Slaton is notorious for her outbursts and red-hot temper, Amy doesn’t always wear her heart on her sleeve. However, she is at a loss when things don’t go the way that she wants them to. Her unrealistic expectations are becoming a problem, and may impact her future.

4 Amy Slaton Doesn’t Take Accountability On 1000-Lb Sisters

Amy Slaton From 1000-lb Sisters wearing blue shirt in kitchen

When Amy and Tammy started their weight loss journey on 1000-lb Sisters, they both had a long road ahead of them. They needed to change their eating habits, and their mindsets surrounding healthy food and exercise. The sister’s poor choices had led them to collectively weigh 1000 lbs. Even though Amy made an incredible transformation and met her weight loss goals, she never did take accountability for her actions.

In many ways, this has proven to be true throughout the 1000-lb Sisters seasons. When Amy became pregnant, she used her pregnancy cravings as an excuse to stop following her healthy diet, and eat whatever she wanted. Whenever anyone would try and call her out, she would defend her choices, claiming she would get back on track after she had the baby. This was a pattern of behavior that was present in both of her pregnancies. Even though Amy has never wanted to admit it, she uses food to cope with life, just like her sister, Tammy.

3 Amy Slaton Puts The Focus On Other’s Failures On 1000-Lb Sisters

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If she doesn’t recognize her lack of responsibility, and how it plays a role in all areas of her life, Amy will never truly change on 1000-lb Sisters. This has been a major problem, because when she is faced with her own failures, she puts the focus on somebody else, and what they are doing wrong. She has often pointed the finger at Tammy, and the bad choices she made to take attention off of herself. In particular, Tammy has called Amy out for her lack of effort, and the unhealthy food she consumes. However, Amy makes it clear that she doesn’t have a right to tell her how to live her life.

While it’s true that Tammy has let her food addiction lead the way, Amy has also let her cravings get out of control. Even though Tammy started at a heavier weight than Amy, both sisters have unhealthy relationships with food. Amy often thinks that since she had gastric bypass surgery, and lost weight once before, that she can easily do it again. She doesn’t like being told what to eat. If she continues down this road, she will undo all the hard work she put in, and end up back at square one.

2 Amy Slaton Doesn’t Really Celebrate Tammy’s Success On 1000-Lb Sisters

1000-Lb Sisters Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton on Tammy's wedding day

Tammy has blown everyone away with her commitment and dedication to turning her life around. She struggled to stay on track on 1000-lb Sisters, and no matter how badly she wanted to change, she could never stick with her new lifestyle for long. This time, she proved that she meant what she said. She lost over 400 lbs., and finally qualified for bariatric surgery. Not only has she made great strides physically, but she has made it a priority to focus on her mental health, continuing with her therapy sessions.

All of her hard work has paid off, and she is so excited about her results, and the new life she is building for herself. When she decided to finally put herself first, she also opened up her heart to love, and is now in wedded bliss. Tammy married Caleb Willingham on November 20, 2022, at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center, and she is head over heels in love. She finally has a lot of good things going for her, but Amy hasn’t exactly been celebrating her accomplishments.

Amy was proud when she hit a lot of significant milestones in life, such as getting married, losing weight, and having children. She wanted nothing more than to have her family’s love and support during each of these monumental moments. Now that the tables have turned, and Tammy is experiencing her own milestones, Amy hasn’t been very supportive. When Tammy proudly exclaimed that she met her weight loss goal, Amy was quick to say that she doubted Tammy’s momentum would last, based on her past history.

1 Amy Slaton’s Marriage Is Affected By Her Emotions On 1000-Lb Sisters

On 1000-lb Sisters, motherhood has always been an important part of Amy’s life. In fact, it was her motivation to lose weight and get healthy in the first place. Now that she finally has the family she dreamed of after giving birth to Gage Deon Halterman and Glenn Allen Halterman, things aren’t exactly the way she expected them to be. She knew that she wanted her boys to have a close bond, but having her sons so close together in age has proven to be more difficult than she initially thought. She is overwhelmed by the responsibility, and has an overwhelming amount of guilt. She’s trying to do everything the right way.

Amy’s fears of failing as a mother, and being exhausted by the sheer weight of her tasks, has left her feeling burned out and stressed. She’s had trouble trying to balance things, and her marriage is under fire because of it. Before giving birth to Glenn, Amy seemed satisfied with her marriage, and would often boast about her husband, Michael Halterman, and how great of a father he was. When he contracted Covid in the hospital right after she gave birth to Glenn, she was saddened that she had to take care of her new son alone. She wished that Michael was there to help.

However, her perspective changed after bringing Glenn home from the hospital, and she feels that Michael needs to step up and do more parenting tasks. Even though it isn’t easy being a new mom to two, she seems to be taking a lot of her frustrations and emotions out on Michael. Throughout her pregnancies on 1000-Lb Sisters, he has been there every step of the way. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, as the pair have split.

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