8 Curvy Cosplayers You Will Adore


Cosplay is beautifully broad and diverse. There are cosplayers for anime, superheroes, manga, comics, films, shows and so many more! The community keeps growing! It’s amazing to see the costumes, makeup, and design! And yes! Plus size, curvy deliciousness gets it done! Here are some breathtaking looks to brighten up your day by some amazing plus-size cosplayers! 

Curvy Cosplay

Curvy Cosplayers You Need to Know About


Green is my favorite color! And elf ears?! This Chicago cosplayer is OMG sexy, beautiful, ethereal with a touch of innocence combined with a fierce “I dare you to try it.” Imagine meeting this goddess while out on a forest stroll. 


Look at her! The purple! The headpiece! The triangular bracelets! She has the contagious smile and cuteness that does you in with a glance! She cosplays Mass Effect too! The gamer inside you may be geeking out now! I know mine is!


Horror fans rejoice! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good Pinhead look. I can picture her yelling, “we’ll tear your soul apart!” You’re tempted to mess with the box? Me too! But resist or the other cenobites may come, along with more hooks and chains. If you’ve never seen Hellraiser, watch and report back. If you dare!


Come through with My Hero Academia Dabi realness! Sexy and dangerous is always a killer combo! This may inspire you to unleash your inner MHA! How did they do the blue flames? I need answers! And more pics! 


If your favorite color isn’t purple, this look may force a change. Regal, magical, and simply stunning! Tay of Sunshine should grace a Disney live-action and have her own figurine collectible set. Be sure not to cross her because she’s “got friends on the other side.” Cosplay has expanded far beyond its origins and now we see films, manga, horror, Disney, games, etc. all exhibited.


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I’m a fan of the new Netflix casting John Cho as Spike for the upcoming live-action Cowboy Bebop, but this look has me questioning my choices. Can she show a Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse style for this show where she shows up as Spike Spiegel from an alternate universe? Is there a petition? I’ll sign it! Jamila is giving us the tough, laidback attitude we need in this photo without a hint of moroseness. This is someone at home in their body and they know exactly who they are. 


This is…heartstopping. That’s all I can say! Excuse me, I need a drink of water. I’m parched. Just be near her and bask in her beauty and cuteness. I can picture her literally shouting “cuteness activate!” Then beams of joy shootout rainbow-like and everyone sighs deeply, then smiles. But there’s also fear because omg it’s Junko! If you haven’t watched Danganropa there’s no time the panini present!


I need more of this. When Resident Evil: Village dropped the bulk of the conversation was entirely surrounding the classy, terrifying, statuesque beauty and villain Lady Dimestrescu! The quellazaire holding the cigarette automatically gives that air of authority to any image and brings to mind roaring 20s goodness. Chesh Liddle looks like she will destroy someone while a victrola plays in the background. And we love her for it! 

More plus-size cosplayers open the door for diversity and help others confidently strut their beauty in the cosplay world!

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