Alan Wake 2 Still Set For 2023, Control Sequels In Early Development


Remedy Entertainment is currently developing Alan Wake 2 and multiple Control titles, and development of these games seems to be going smoothly.

Developer Remedy Entertainment has given updates on various future projects, including Alan Wake 2 and multiple Control sequels. The Finnish game studio is known for creating the first two installments in the Max Payne shooter series, but 2010’s Alan Wake really put the developer on the map. Remedy unleashed the reveal trailer for Alan Wake 2 back at The Game Awards 2021, and the survival horror title is apparently still set to arrive next year.

As reported by GameSpot, a recent earnings briefing from Remedy Entertainment sheds light on Alan Wake 2, Control sequels and other upcoming projects. Remedy reveals that Alan Wake 2 is now in the full production phase and user testing is going well, with the game set to serve as Remedy’s next major launch in 2023. Meanwhile, two games set in the world of Control called Codename Condor and Codename Heron are still in early concept phases. Remedy is also making a free-to-play multiplayer game called Vanguard, which is also in the proof-of-concept phase. Remedy and Rockstar Games are also collaborating on remakes of the first two Max Payne titles, though few updates were given about this project.


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Alan Wake 2 & Control Sequels Will Expand The Remedy Universe

With the survival horror game Alan Wake 2, Remedy Entertainment will be stepping into a brand-new yet still familiar genre. The first Alan Wake certainly had horror elements, but it was mainly a third-person shooter with psychological thriller themes. No actual gameplay of the sequel has been shown yet, but Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake has confirmed that Alan Wake 2 will maintain the first game’s third-person camera perspective. As a survival horror game, it seems likely that the title will focus on resource management and avoiding enemies rather than mowing them down with a flashlight and firearms.

Released in 2019, the third-person shooter Control is a supernatural mystery which defined and greatly expanded the universe of Remedy Entertainment games. While each of the studio’s title can be played alone, Remedy has slowly crafted a shared universe that ties most of their titles together. The AWE expansion for Control firmly cemented this concept, with protagonist Jessie exploring the town of Bright Falls from Alan Wake. With Alan Wake 2, Codename Condor and Codename Heron all in active development, it seems that the Remedy universe will soon get even larger and more diverse.

Video game delays have become increasingly frequent in recent years, but Remedy Entertainment seems to be keeping development of its various projects on track. Alan Wake 2 is still set to release in 2023, with the survival horror title sure to pump up fans’ blood pressure even more than the first game did. Two projects related to Control are also on the way, which may continue Jessie’s story or expand the Remedy Entertainment universe in a whole new direction.

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Sources: GameSpot, Remedy Entertainment

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