All Overworld Bosses Locations in Elden Ring Shown on Handy Fan Map


A dedicated Elden Ring player marked off the locations of all the overworld bosses in the Lands Between with unique color and shape-based markers.

There are many bosses the Tarnished can face in Elden Ring and one player recently took it upon themselves to mark the location of every single one that does appear in the overworld. FromSoftware’s venture into an open world is a massive title filled with so much content that many players still have not uncovered all of it even though the game has been available for more than a month.

The developers made several adjustments to the Souls-like formula in order to make it suitable for an open world, one of which was the inclusion of a world map. Compared to many other modern titles in the same genre, however, Elden Ring‘s map is notably minimalistic with the information it provides. Most of the time players just see areas they have visited and only in detail if they found the corresponding map fragment for a particular area. This can prove challenging for individuals seeking specific encounters.


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Reddit user fdsfgs71 recently provided a bit more guidance for those journeying across the Lands Between by creating and sharing a map that marks off the location of every boss not confined to a dungeon. Each boss marker is a particular shape or is color-coded to let players know certain specifics about the encounter, such as if the boss only appears at night or the fight takes place in an Evergaol. The full legend can be found in the post’s comment section.

This is not the first player to help the community by marking off the key locations in the Lands Between. The official Elden Ring Wiki has an interactive map that shows the locations of many helpful items, Sites of Grace, and NPCs. FromSoftware addressed the latter of these in an update by putting map markers at the last known location a player encountered a particular NPC.

Some Elden Ring players have expressed frustration with the lack of information provided by the map and call it poor game design. This intentional decision by the developers is something FromSoftware veterans are used to as the lack of guidance is a major spark for community engagement. Players are encouraged to interact with one another and share their findings, which oftentimes leads to a strengthening of the fandom. Elden Ring even spawned an app that is meant to help players keep track of all that is going on in-game and it can even be useful for tabletop RPGs as well.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: fdsfgs71/Reddit


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