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Finding schematics in Dead Space Remake unlocks new items and special upgrades available for purchase in shops throughout each chapter of the story.

Players that want to unlock specific items and upgrades in Dead Space Remake need to track down the locations of schematics scattered throughout each story chapter. While credits or semiconductors are still needed as currency to purchase the items conceived from the schematics, simply having an extra option at each shop makes it far easier for players to go up against the various Necromorph forms seen later in the narrative. Although the original game had plans for new weapons in addition to auxiliary items, this system has been overhauled in the remake, making these discovered tools more elusive than before.


Overall, thirteen schematics can be found in Dead Space Remake‘s faithful recreation, as early as Chapter 2 and as late as Chapter 10. While many players can complete the game’s story on lower difficulties without using schematics, those looking to challenge Impossible will definitely have a much better chance against the odds with these items at their disposal. The schematics are categorized into three divisions: supplies, ammunition, and rig upgrades. To be more specific, supplies can range from medical packs to replenishing materials for Isaac’s stasis module and oxygen tank.

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Where To Find Every Schematic in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake Intermediate Engineering Rig Schematic Found Hidden in Story Chapter 4


Chapter Found


Pulse Round


Once players enter the Coolant Pipe, the Pulse Round schematics can be seen to their immediate left.

Stasis Pack


Left of Dr. Brennan’s office, within the Main Lab Changing Room. A bench on the right of this room’s entrance has the schematic resting on it.

Ripper Blades


Dead Space Remake‘s Ripper weapon ammo schematics are found after players use the first elevator, sitting in the middle of a nearby open room before the following second elevator.

Medium Med Pack


A locker just past the Decontamination Room Quarantine portion of the chapter contains the schematic.

Flamethrower Fuel


In the Engine Room, players can locate the schematic near the Primary Engine panel that they must interact with to progress.

Level Three Rig (Intermediate Engineer Rig)


Before players tackle the “Calibrate Three ADS Cannons” mission, the EVA Prep Room hosts the schematic, lying on the floor.

Line Racks


Players first need Security Clearance Level 2 to enter Dr. B. Warwick’s office after passing by the Observation Room. Before taking the elevator beyond the Observation Room, the office can be seen to the right, where the schematic sits inside.

Force Energy


Isaac’s Stasis feature in Dead Space Remake is needed to reach this schematic, as it rests between two electrical traps that must be slowed down in the Air Filtration Tower.

Contact Energy


Shooting the locks off a door through a broken window within the Deck B: Processing Area reveals this schematic within the previously blocked section.

Level Four Rig (Intermediate Miner Rig)


Atop a desk in the Equipment Workshop lies the schematic.

Oxygen Tank


The Refueling Station on Floor 4 has a room that the schematic sits in, but it may only be accessed if the player has Security Clearance Level 2.

Large Med Pack


This schematic lies in wait of players on a desk very close to the entrance to the Infirmary.

Level Five Rig (Advanced Engineering Rig)


A bench in the Crew Quarters’ Bathrooms hides the last suit upgrade schematic.

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  • Dead Space Remake Key Art

    Dead Space 2023

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    Dead Space 2

    EA Motive, developers of Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign, handles the next chapter of Dead Space’s sci-fi horror with the remake of the original title, Dead Space. Set in the 26th century, engineer Isaac Clarke joins a team sent to investigate the recent radio silence that has fallen on the “planet cracker” vessel, the USG Ishimura. Isaac’s stake is personal, as the final distress signal came from Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. Unfortunately, their arrival is hardly welcoming, as the team is immediately besieged by mutated, undead versions of Ishimura’s crew members. To save Nicole, any survivors of the ship, and himself, Isaac must learn to adapt and dispatch his foes in seemingly less conventional ways. Like the original, the only way to kill the zombified crew is to cut off their limbs using weaponized engineering tools Isaac procures. The Dead Space remake will utilize some Dead Space 2 team members and will be released on January 27 2023.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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