Andor Becomes First Disney+ Star Wars Show To Air On TV & Hulu


Critically-acclaimed Rogue One prequel show Andor will become the first Disney+ Star Wars show to air on television and stream on Hulu.

Andor is set to become the first Disney+ Star Wars show to air on TV and stream on Hulu. Disney began spinning off the Star Wars universe as streaming series beginning with 2019’s The Mandalorian. That initial foray was such a massive success that Disney+ was soon flooded with Star Wars shows, including live-action ventures The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and animated series The Bad Batch, Visions and Tales of the Jedi.

But at least in the eyes of critics, the most successful Star Wars Disney+ show thus far has been Andor, the Rogue One prequel starring Diego Luna. Andor has been such a critical success in fact that Disney is now giving the show a showcase beyond the confines of its paid streaming service, announcing a big Andor event on other platforms including old-fashioned free TV. Even people who don’t have Disney+ will get to watch the first two Andor episodes, “Kassa” and “That Would Be Me” over the Thanksgiving holiday, via four different Disney-owned outlets. The full schedule can be seen in the space below:

  • ABC: Wednesday November 23, 9-10:30 pm ET/PT
  • FX: Thursday, November 24, 9-10:30 pm ET/PT
  • Freeform: Friday, November 25, 9-10:30 pm ET/PT
  • Hulu: Available from November 23 through December 7

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Why Andor Is The Right Star Wars Show To Tease On TV

Stellan Skarsgård as Luthen Rael and Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Andor

Disney is of course doing more than just showcasing the excellent writing, acting and production design that have made Andor a hit with critics and (some) fans alike. They’re also touting their Disney+ streaming service in hopes of gathering in more subscribers. And they couldn’t have picked a better Star Wars show to pluck from the streaming ranks and make available to a wider audience.

The quality of Andor is of course the first thing that makes it the right show to release on ABC, Hulu and other platforms. Perhaps more importantly, Andor skews more adult than other Star Wars streaming series, which presumably should make it more attractive to the kinds of audiences that sit down to watch network TV on a nightly basis. The thinking here could be that older audience members who might otherwise be uninterested in Star Wars (or anything on Disney+ in general) will be drawn in by the more mature, complex storytelling featured on Andor. Showrunner Tony Gilroy obviously is known for crafting fare that appeals to adult audiences, with credits like Michael Clayton, the Bourne series and State of Play on his resume.

It obviously remains to be seen if releasing Andor to ABC over the holidays will prompt any older Star Wars-curious viewers to sign up for a Disney+ subscription. At the very least, the wider release gives more people a chance to enjoy a show that represents some of the best that Star Wars has to offer, and there’s no downside to that. And all of this is of course leading up to the final episodes of Andor, including the season 1 finale which hits Disney+ on November 23, 2022.

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