Andor Season 2 Filming Start Date Rumor Debunked By Disney


A rumor about the upcoming Star Wars Andor series starting production for its sophomore season in November has now debunked by Disney.

A rumor about Andor season 2 filming start has been debunked. The upcoming series is set to focus on Cassian Andor (Diego Luna), the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hero, five years before the events of the film. The spy-thriller will show the early beginnings of the Rebellion and its intelligence team as Cassian embarks on missions to do whatever it takes to further their cause.

Despite filming having wrapped last fall, no release date for Andor season 1 has been set. It is, however, expected to get one during this year’s Star Wars Celebration. The series has already been confirmed to be getting its own panel at the event, and some rumors have suggested that a trailer and release date will be revealed during that time. Andor actor Stellan Skarsgård was the first to seemingly confirm a season 2 for the series, but other than that and some very minor details, not much about Andor has been revealed ahead of its season 1 run.


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While reports from Making Star Wars fall in line with Skarsgård’s words about an autumnal start to filming for Andor season 2, a spokesperson from Disney has since told Screen Rant that this rumor is not true. Making Star Wars had shared that a source from Elstree Studios, where the original Star Wars trilogy was filmed, said that filming for the series’ sophomore season would begin in November. It was also said to have production slated for an 18-month long period, which would be abnormally long for a series like Andor. Though it was suggested the plan may be to film two additional seasons of Andor rather than oneDisney has now altogether shut down these possibilities. However, it’s possible another Star Wars project is filming instead of Andor season 2.

Cassian Andor On Jedha

Though this debunking may be disappointing to many viewers, there’s still much left to look forward to with the release of Andor season 1. Previous reports have guessed that Andor season 1 will premiere in August, which gives the 12-episode series plenty of time to resonate with audiences before diving into production for season 2. This could offer the series a similar schedule to that of The Mandalorian season 3, which would’ve begun filming a few months after the release of its sophomore season but instead got delayed by almost a year. Viewers can now expect that Andor season 2 can premiere in the later part of 2023 at best, but most likely early 2024.

With next to nothing known about the upcoming Star Wars series, it’s hard to know what viewers can expect from Andor season 1, much less about season 2. It’s likely that there will be quite a few cameos from either other Rogue One characters from the Rebellion, original Star Wars trilogy characters, or perhaps even some animated characters from Star Wars Rebels, which takes place around the same time. If Andor follows in the footsteps of The Mandalorian, season 2 will further its expansion into the grander Star Wars galaxy, though a 12-episode series would seem to allow for much of that in season 1 as well. It looks as if there will be much to look forward to from Andor for the next few years, especially for those with a fondness for the original Star Wars trilogy era.

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Source: Making Star Wars, Disney

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