Are Aaron & Genevieve Together After Bachelor In Paradise? (Spoilers)


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Bachelor in Paradise season 8 couple Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi are known for their tumultuous (and arguably troubled) onscreen relationship, and this SPOILER post will let fans know whether they’re together, post-Paradise. Before they ever set foot in Mexico, rumors swirled about a relationship between Genevieve and Aaron. However, although they had met casually a few times before the show, they did not begin dating until they were on the beach. Known for their fiery personalities, Genevieve and Aaron clashed constantly, repeatedly fighting and making up. More than once, Genevieve packed her bags to leave during her and Aaron’s arguments, but they found their way back to each other, and even professed their love for each other.


Ultimately, love was not enough to keep Genevieve and Aaron together, because they broke up before Bachelor in Paradise ended this summer. According to Zachary Reality, at the Bachelor in Paradise season 8 reunion (which taped on Nov. 4), they revealed that they had parted ways. However, the insider said that their drama wasn’t too wild at the reunion, most likely because they fought so much on the beach. They admitted that they don’t communicate well, and weren’t meant to be a couple. However, they will be good friends.

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Aaron & Genevieve Broke Up Before Their BIP Overnight Date

Aaron and Genevieve from Bachelor In Paradise kiss on beach

Reality Steve reported that Aaron and Genevieve did not share an overnight date on Bachelor in Paradise, because Aaron broke up with Genevieve before it could happen. Although she left the beach without a boyfriend, Genevieve found a new friend in her former enemy, Shanae Ankney. According to Zachary Reality, at the reunion, they were once again in the hot seat together, after their heated confrontation on Clayton Echard’s “The Women Tell All” episode. At the latter event, Shanae accused Genevieve of sleeping with Aaron after she left The Bachelor. Bachelor in Paradise gave the women a honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls, where their infamous Bachelor 2-on-1 date was filmed.

Aaron and Genevieve are one of the few Bachelor in Paradise couples that fans will be happy to hear split up. Their relationship had far too much drama. Fans have accused Aaron of being, at best, immature, and, at worst, abusive. Although Genevieve seems to have matured a bit since her The Bachelor stint, she is still a bit dramatic, which is something that Aaron did not respond well to. They were definitely not right for each other.

Genevieve and Aaron brought fireworks to Bachelor in Paradise season 8, but it is a good thing that they are no longer a duo. Their relationship had far too much crying and turmoil, and they seemed to fight more than they had fun in Mexico. They did not have a healthy relationship. Hopefully, Aaron and Genevieve will find what they are looking for now, since they learned so much about themselves through their Bachelor in Paradise experiences.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Sources: Zachary Reality, Reality Steve

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