Bella Thorne Still Wants to Star in Sequel With Ryan Reynolds


Bella Thorne revisits her interest in playing Lady Deadpool in the upcoming Deadpool sequel and expresses her love for the superhero genre.

With Deadpool 3 currently in the works, Bella Thorne has once again discussed wanting to appear in the franchise opposite Ryan Reynolds. The sequel is officially moving forward at Marvel Studios, making it the first R-rated film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the success of the first Deadpool back in 2016, Thorne first mentioned interest in playing Lady Deadpool in a sequel.

The third Deadpool installment will see the return of Reynolds as the titular Merc With a Mouth and making his debut in the MCU. Reynolds, who also serves as a producer on the Deadpool films, will reunite with Free Guy and The Adam Project director Shawn Levy, who is set to helm Deadpool 3. There is virtually nothing known about Deadpool 3’s story as of right now, and there is also no indication that Lady Deadpool will be involved in the movie.


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In an interview with ComicBookMovie, Thorne expressed great enthusiasm for superhero films and praised Reynolds’ performance as Deadpool, saying he’s her favorite. She considers Lady Deadpool to be a “dream role” for her and hopes to team up with Reynolds on screen for the sequel. When asked if she was still interested, Thorne replied:

“Yes, superheroes are definitely fun. I love action stuff, naturally, and I do a lot of action stuff with stunts and whatnot. It’s just always really fun on set and it breaks up the work day when you get to concentrate on the body and feel and how to perform not just using your voice. That’s always really fun for me. Deadpool is my favourite. It’s so raunchy and, hello, who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds? He just f***ing nails that role to the floor. What I love about Deadpool is that realism mixed with the, you know, superhero world. It’s something where we feel we can talk to this superhero now in today’s day while still having them be a superhero. I love that s**t.”

Lady Deadpool Marvel Comics

Over the years, Throne has been considered to be a dream casting choice by fans for not just Lady Deadpool, but also Jean Grey and Red Sonja. With her excitement for the superhero genre in general, it should be no surprise if Thorne gets cast in a Marvel film in the near future. Even though it’s been confirmed that Deadpool 3 won’t film until 2023, there’s still plenty of time for Reynolds and Levy to consider Thorne for Lady Deadpool.

Thorne has come a long way since she arrived on the scene as a Disney Channel star. After three seasons of the sitcom Shake It Up, Thorne and costar Zendaya have drastically become more famous by expanding their careers. In fact, maybe there’s a possibility for a Shake It Up reunion between Zendaya as MJ from the Spider-Man series and Thorne’s potential Lady Deadpool. Even if Disney was interested in Thorne, it would probably be quite some time before the studio would make that casting announcement. With Deadpool 3 still a long way away, all Thorne can do is wait for that phone call from Marvel.

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Source: ComicBookMovie

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