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When creating a new character in Dungeons & Dragons it can be a lot of fun to design how they look, but tieflings can offer so much variety that they can also cause an overwhelming analysis paralysis. Luckily the internet is full of cosplay that talented people have created which can provide inspiration for what a new tiefling character could look like. Different colors, horn styles, tails, and even whether to have a devilish appearance or a cheerfully cute look, tieflings provide players with a large range of style options available to them.


When building a DnD character there are a lot of choices to make regarding everything from what their abilities will be to creating a backstory for them. Designing the way they look is equally important, however, because it is easier to get into the game when players can picture each of the party members. Dungeons & Dragons‘ Tieflings have so many options for their design that it can be useful to get inspiration from others’ art, such as these impressive cosplay depictions. Each of these epic planetouched and infernal humanoid designs may look strikingly different, yet all belong to the tiefling race.

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Flavioj Created An Adorable D&D Cosplay Of Nixie The Tiefling

Reddit user Flavioj made a beautiful likeness of Nixie the Tiefling from the Deerstalker Picture’s Australian sketch comedy Dungeons & Dragons series 1 For All. This cute look is a good example of the softer options for tieflings which they can get from their humanoid ancestry. Despite her cute look, Nixie is a sorcerer DnD character of the tiefling race in the show who has an affinity for fire, which matches well with her hair color. A tiefling’s hair can be almost any color, although they are typically red, brown, black, dark blue, or purple.

Darawnal’s Horns Take Center Stage In This D&D Tiefling Cosplay

Darawnal, aka Lucky Russian on Instagram, shared this Halloween Dungeons & Dragons cosplay featuring their take on a tiefling. Horns on tieflings can come in a variety of shapes including curled, spiral, flat, or sharp points, and can be large or small. Darawnal’s horns make a statement with texture and color as well, with a look that is as threatening as it is beautiful.

Disnerd13’s Little Red Tiefling D&D Cosplay Has A Heart On Her Tail

A mock-up Reddit post showing a tiefling cosplay.

With a fairly impish look, Redditor Disnerd13 portrays both cute and devilish simultaneously with her tiefling. Her tail features a point that looks like a heart, which adds a lot to the adorable design. Tiefling’s tails can be any number of shapes and sizes, or some of DnD‘s tiefling race may not even have tails if they have inherited more of the humanoid appearance from their ancestry. Most Dungeons & Dragons tieflings with tails have one that is long and thin such as Disnerd13’s style, however, some have more of a horse or lizard style tail.

Dazyet’s Ice Blue Skin Is Striking With Her Hair & Ram-Style Tiefling Horns

It is more of a rare attribute for tieflings to have skin that is a color other than humanoid colors or shades of red, but some can have skin tones that are blue or green hues as well. Dazyet‘s cosplay of her tiefling named Tentoria shows how the color variety of skin can drastically change the overall feel of a character. Mixed with her ram-style horns and other features, she delivers a charming take on the Dungeons & Dragons race’s physical characteristics.

Maisielynnie’s Demonic D&D Tiefling Cosplay Emphasizes Her Glowing Eyes

Instagram user Maisielynnie displays a tiefling who is more in touch with the evil side of her ancestry with a gothic vibe to her look. This fun DnD character may have an evil alignment, or simply inherited more of that side of the family line, but the dark feel she exudes serves well to make her eyes take center stage. Typically, tieflings eyes are solid colored orbs of either black, red, gold, silver, or white, with no pupil present although Dungeons & Dragons‘ planar tieflings in particular can have characteristics more in line with a cat-like eye, glowing eyes, or even standard human eyes.

ThornsAndFlames Made His Warlock Tiefling Cosplay Frighteningly Cool

A mock Reddit post for a D&D tiefling cosplay.

Highlighting the tiefling stereotype of being an evil malcontent, Redditor ThornsAndFlames created a warlock variety which would likely scare a few NPCs. The ancestry of some DnD tieflings can come from gods rather than demons, yet the word tiefling more often refers to those whose bloodlines descend from the Nine Hells. The fiendish portion of their ancestry can be a heavy influence in some tiefling backstories and personalities.

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Maddy.Moiselle Portrays A Grumpy Rogue Tiefling With Lone Wolf Tendencies

Often, tieflings have a temperament that makes them enjoy being solitary loners. This DnD background can make for interesting party dynamics when it arises, as Maddy.Moiselle‘s rogue tiefling has seen. This cosplay of Ridley the rogue also demonstrates yet another variant of skin color that works well with the infernal background of tieflings. Orange is not a typical color for a tiefling, yet it stands to reason that a demonic ancestry could very likely include a fiery orange tint such as is shown here.

Tieflings are some of the most interesting of Dungeons and Dragons race options, as they have such an assortment of options to their physical characteristics and even personalities. Some tieflings can even pass as humans, while others are quite demonic in appearance. Throughout history many of the tieflings who were born with little to no humanoid resemblances were killed at birth by their parents or others, and because of this the tiefling line has gradually become closer to looking like humans than not. Ultimately, when players are creating a DnD character, they should have fun with the experience and enjoy making a character who is not only fun to play as but visually is whatever they want it to be, and these tiefling cosplay characters show the variety of options available is immense.

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