Bethesda Trademark Renewal Teases New Mystery “Spyteam” Game


Bethesda recently renewed the trademark for a mystery video game known only as Spyteam; the project seems to have been in the works for years.

Earlier this year, Bethesda once more renewed a trademark for a mystery game known as Spyteam; there currently exists no official word on what the project entails or which studios is developing it. The trademark in question, filed on behalf of ZeniMax Media Inc., has cropped up previously, most notably making the rounds in late 2020 when internet sleuths discovered Bethesda’s Montréal and Austin, Texas offices were hiring for an unannounced game.

At present, many of Bethesda’s internal studios have their hands full with known quantities. Bethesda Game Studios will release Starfield later this year for PC and Xbox platforms, for example. Once that title wraps production, the team will begin work in earnest on the eagerly-anticipated Elder Scrolls VI. Meanwhile, Arkane Studios plans to unleash horror FPS Redfall sometime this summer. MachineGames is presumably working on a third mainline Wolfenstein entry before kicking off production on its untitled Indiana Jones game. And Evil Within studio Tango Gameworks will ship Ghostwire: Tokyo for PC and PS5 platforms in a couple of weeks on March 25. But what other surprises might Bethesda-owned teams have up their sleeves?


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This past weekend, Twitter user SkullziTV (via VGC) discovered that ZeniMax Media Inc. filed yet another trademark for Spyteam on January 28 of this year. The USPTO filing, of course, offers little in the way of concrete details. Yet, the renewal suggests that Fallout publisher Bethesda Softworks has a vested interest in keeping the mystery IP alive for another lengthy period of time. A follow-up post from SkullziTV notes Spyteam could relate to the PvPvE shooter that developer Human Head Studios was producing as of late 2019, prior to Bethesda acquiring and rebranding the original Prey team as Roundhouse Studios in November of that same year.

At the time of writing, neither Bethesda Softworks nor any of its internal studios have officially announced the Spyteam title. It remains a mystery for the time being, then, since there’s no way of knowing when exactly the publisher will be ready to talk shop. At the very least, the renewed trademark indicates the IP will eventually see the light of day.

Notably, Bethesda Softworks has no less than three major titles set to release in 2022. The aforementioned Ghostwire: Tokyo hit store shelves for PC and PlayStation 5 on March 25. Arkane Studios’ vampire title Redfall comes to PC and Xbox Series X/S on an unspecified date this summer. And, of course, Bethesda plans to finally unleash Starfield in November – 11 years to the date after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s original launch.

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Source: SkullziTV/Twitter (1, 2) (via VGC)

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