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Brittany Snow opened up about her ‘special connection’ with her ‘Pitch Perfect’ costars, a few months after the group went on a relaxing reunion together.

The Bellas have remained closer than ever since the beloved Pitch Perfect franchise kicked off in 2012! The group reunited back in September to celebrate co-star Rebel Wilson‘s 41st birthday on the beach, and took to Instagram to all gush over their love for each other. “It was really cool. I mean, we all definitely had a chance to just relax in terms of we’re always busy doing things, it was just nice to just be ourselves with each other and not have to talk about work, or anything related to work,” Brittany Snow recalled while talking to HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “We really all have a very special connection, because we’ve just seen each other go through so much that there’s no bullshit. We’re all like a family and it’s something very rare.”

The cast of ‘Pitch Perfect.’ (Everett Collection)

Brittany revealed that the group, which also includes Anna Kendrick and Chrissie Fit, got dinner together a few weeks ago and they all submitted Post-It Notes for Brittany’s upcoming book on the art of therapeutic letter writing. “It was nice because they got to write a little something and it was like a little reminder! And all of them talked about on the Post-it Notes how much we were grateful for each other, so that was really cool.”

Brittany was joined by her September Letters co-founder Jaspre Guest, as the pair’s company partnered with Post-it Brand, the makers of the original Post-it Note, on an immersive holiday letter writing pop-up experience, allowing visitors to leave warm messages on the Post-it wall, write a letter to themselves or someone else (or even Santa) and send it using the onsite mailboxes and more. With this experience, September Letters hopes to start a ripple effect of openness so others may feel comfortable to share their own story.

Brittany Snow and Jaspre Guest celebrate the opening of September Letters’ The Mailroom Pop-up in partnership with Post-it Brand and the Mental Health Coalition at 11 Howard Hotel in New York. (Alec Kugler)

“September Letters was born out of the idea that your story can help someone else, or someone sharing their story can help someone else. It can kind of come full circle,” Brittany explained. “Letter writing is a useful tool that we found where you’re really getting out emotions and things that you feel. But also, it’s an act of self care of taking that time for yourself.”

Brittany and Jaspre’s forthcoming book will include interviews with experts about the benefits of letter writing and the ladies have found their research is validating what they have always believed to be the benefits of letter writing. “The book is going to be a collection of letters, actually, from all walks of life, people who have submitted letters to us, virtual letter writing, Instagram posts, which are also a form of letter writing, which is really cool,” Jaspre said, with Brittany adding, “Really what we found is that we can still get that feeling of unity and connection through talking to each other, writing something or sending someone a postcard or a letter. That’s what September Letters is all about.”

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