Chava’s Fate In Hunters Season 2 Hints At A Major Jonah Mistake


Jonah’s decision in the series finale of Hunters proves he made a mistake, despite warnings from his aunt Chava and her unfortunate fate.

WARNING! This article contains major SPOILERS for the Hunters’ season 2 finale!Chava’s death in Hunters teased a major mistake on Jonah’s part at the end of season 2. When the show picked up, the hunters were retired and no longer on speaking terms. Jonah was living a new life under an alias in France, where he was engaged to a British student named Clara. When Jonah realized Hitler was alive, he got the group back together, and they ran into his previously presumed dead aunt, Chava, who was also hunting Hitler. The two clashed throughout the season as Chava’s loyalty to the mission was obsessive and all-consuming resulting in her being cold-hearted.


Season 2 revealed the hunt’s origins and why Meyer formed the group. His intentions weren’t pure, which is not shocking given the season 1 reveal that he was The Wolf all along. Meyer started the hunt to cover his own tracks; however, this disappointing fact perfectly matched the show’s darker and more realistic tone. Evil is everywhere, few can be trusted, and nothing is as it seems in Hunters, so the show’s characters must always remain on their toes. Chava was one of the few characters who understood this and was willing to make the necessary sacrifices, but Jonah, unfortunately, was not.

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Jonah Still Hunting At The End Of Hunters S2 Proves He Didn’t Learn From Chava

Hunters: Jonah

Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Hunters character matched her Hateful Eight character in hatred, but it was flipped. Chava was determined to end the Nazi regime by any means necessary, and it was made clear when she revealed to Jonah that she gave up the love of her life, Zev, for the hunt. Chava knew she could die and that Zev wouldn’t let it happen, so she sent him away. Chava encouraged Jonah to end his relationship with Clara because it put them both in danger, but Jonah’s decision to marry Clara in the series finale proved he learned nothing from his aunt’s death.

How Jonah Still Put Clara In Danger Even After Catching Hitler

Hunters 2

Jonah is clearly not done hunting, as teased by the show’s final scene, and the hunt is not over since the future of the fourth reich in the Hunters universe will never die. Hitler may have been captured, but his trial proved that racism wasn’t exclusive to him. As the prosecutor said, there will always be those spreading fear and hatred, but there will forever be people like him and the hunters to combat it. Jonah saw the danger his job could put Clara in when Travis kidnapped her, and rejoining the hunt puts a target on both their backs— especially since Travis escaped.

As selfless as the mission is, it’s selfish of Jonah to marry someone and put his and their life at risk every day, and it’s even worse, considering Clara seemingly doesn’t know. Jonah should know that Clara is an intelligent woman, and if she put it together before, she can do it again. Although, since Hunters season 3 isn’t happening, viewers can decide what happens next for Jonah and Clara. People like Jonah are needed to oppose Nazis and bigots, but unlike his aunt Chava, Jonah is still hopeful he can have it all, even after seeing what happened to her and Zev and Clara’s abduction.

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