Christina Clemons Wears Doritos Earrings For Olympic Trials


Christina Clemons earned two new titles this weekend: first-time Olympian and internet-adored fashion icon. While qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday, the 31-year-old track star wore Doritos earrings that dangled from her earlobes as she soared through the final 100-Meter Hurdle Trials race in Oregon. The kitschy accessories were shaped like teeny-tiny bags of old-school Cool Ranch Doritos, and Christina chose to wear them because, as she later explained on Instagram Stories, she herself is “shaped like a Dorito.” Hey, perhaps I’ll start rocking spaghetti earrings because my body’s shape resembles that of a long, lone noodle. Stay tuned!

Christina’s chip-themed jewelry wasn’t the only accessory she wore for the big race. The athlete also styled her animal-print Adidas set with a silver cross necklace, a nose ring, a beaded bracelet, her gorgeous engagement ring, and several hair clips, including a gold one that read “wild” in cursive font. Soon after her race concluded, Christina tweeted, “I made the Olympic team wearing a bag of @Doritos on my ears. Twitter, I need y’all to do your thing! We need to blow Doritos mentions UP 🙌🏾😂,” and many netizens obeyed by demanding that she receive a sponsorship ASAP. While we patiently wait for Frito-Lay to extend her a well-deserved endorsement contract, read ahead to take a closer look at Christina’s unforgettable earrings. We can’t wait to see what other cool looks she brings to Tokyo next month!

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