Clone Wars’ Kix Survived to the Sequel Trilogy With an Awesome New Name


The Clone Wars had a lot of impact on the Star Wars franchise, but not every clone trooper story has concluded, as revealed by the Last Clone.

Many fan-favorite characters emerged from Star Wars Clone Wars, including the clone trooper known as Kix. Following the discovery of the chip implants in the clones and the execution of Order 66, his role seemingly ended – until his true fate was revealed by Star Wars Adventures #7.

Fans of Clone Wars likely remember Kix in his role as a medic, helping his brothers stay battle ready. The short story The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku by Landry Q. Walker established that a Separatist ship, the Obrexta III, was attacked by the Republic while being delivered to Count Dooku. The ship goes down on the planet Ponemah, left for many years – with Kix aboard, ‘sleeping’ in prolonged stasis. The ship – and the clone trooper – are found decades later by Sidon Ithano and his pirate crew, who Kix subsequently joins. A later comic appearance in Star Wars Adventures #7 reveals that Kix has updated his armor with some brighter colors and has become a fierce fighter as a result of the mental strain left by the Clone Wars and his losses.


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Clone Wars’ Kix Lives on as The Last Clone

star wars clone wars kix

Star Wars Adventures #7 contains two stories, including ‘Tales of Villainy: The Crimson Corsair and the Crime Lords of the Barren Rim.’ This story has the creative team of Landry Walker, Nick Brokenshire, and Johanna Nattalie. Within the story, a pirate named Gruk has taken a crewmember of the Star Wars pirate Sidon Ithano (aka the Crimson Corsair) – Quiggold. The hostage quickly informs his captor of why his plan is doomed to fail – Kix (now referred to as “the Last Clone”) has infiltrated their ship. With perfect timing, he storms in and saves Quiggold, taking down his opponents with ease while showcasing epic new armor.

Kix Missed a Lot Before Becoming a Pirate

star wars last clone kix

Kix’s new armor is a throwback to the clone troopers’ Phase 1 armor. It has a fin on the helmet and does not feature the updated exhaust filter similar to the Stormtrooper helmets that helped define the clones’ Phase 2 design. Instead of being in standard white, this armor is blue, with red stripes. He is also seen having several bandages on it and a green cloak. According to Quiggold, Kix fights like a man who hears the ghosts of his lost brothers speaking to him, unable to fully escape the war’s hold on him.

Considering how great his losses were and how great his jump in time following the cryostasis, it’s no wonder that Kix has become a sort of fighting phantom himself. He is now partially defined by what he sees as failure, given he was unable to warn the Jedi of Order 66 and was thereby unable to save those he saw as his friends and superiors. Kix now serves as pirate muscle during the era of the First Order’s rise and reign, protecting his found family while being no less deadly than he was during Star Wars‘ Clone Wars.

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