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Warning: Contains spoilers for XO, Kitty!

XO, Kitty finds Kitty Covey in her own romance after helping Lara Jean find love in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but one relationship comes off as stronger. Kitty was a mastermind matchmaker who leaked her sister’s love letters but ultimately helped her find a lasting relationship with Peter Kavinsky. In the new series, Kitty goes out on her own, traveling to Seoul, South Korea, to attend Korean School Of Seoul (KISS), where her mother went as a teenager. While the series acts as a spinoff of the To All the Boys trilogy, it gives Kitty her own narrative and stands alone from the films.


In To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Kitty meets a boy named Dae while on vacation with her family in Seoul. The spinoff series kicks off with Kitty embarking on her very own love story by surprising him at KISS, where he also attends. However, Kitty’s love story drastically differs from Lara Jean’s and Peter’s as she realizes it’s a lot harder to play matchmaker when it’s her own love life she’s dealing with. While Kitty and Dae have strong feelings for each other and try to make things work, they may never have the connection Lara Jean and Peter have.

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Lara Jean & Peter Had A Strong History

Lara Jean and Peter Bus To All the Boys 3

What makes Lara Jean and Peter’s connection so enticing is that they have a history together. The two went to school with each other for years, and when Lara Jean’s letters leak, they reveal she and Peter kissed during spin the bottle in seventh grade, which is when she realized how much she liked him. This makes it satisfying when they finally end up together since Lara Jean has liked him for a long time.

In Kitty’s case, she doesn’t know Dae as well as her sister knows Peter. They only met in person once during her vacation and had to continue their relationship over the phone. While they may have learned a lot about each other that way, as XO, Kitty reveals, there’s a lot someone can hide in a long-distance relationship. When it comes to knowing one another’s histories, Lara Jean and Peter has an advantage over Kitty and Dae’s relationship.

Kitty & Dae Started Their Relationship Based On Real Feelings

Xo kitty Dae and anna cathcart

One thing Kitty and Dae have on Lara Jean and Peter is that they started their relationship because they actually had feelings for each other. After Lara Jean’s letters leaked in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, she and Peter agreed to fake date each other to make his ex-girlfriend and her ex-best friend Gen jealous. This isn’t the best foundation to start a relationship on, especially because Lara Jean previously liked Peter while he didn’t have feelings for her at all.

Luckily it worked out for Lara Jean and Peter in the end. Still, Kitty’s situation is a lot better because Dae and her like each other from the start and are more open about their feelings. There is also no plan to try and make anyone else jealous, which is much healthier than Lara Jean and Peter’s original situation.

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Lara Jean Had Jealousy Issues In Her Relationship

One issue in Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship comes up in the second film, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You. Lara Jean has a hard time in her relationship with Peter because she constantly compares herself to Gen and doesn’t feel good enough. Her jealousy makes her relationship with Peter very difficult, and even when he makes it clear he only wants to be with her and is over Gen, Lara Jean struggles to believe him.

Lara Jean is constantly looking for evidence that Peter is going to leave her, and this puts a strain on their relationship. While jealousy is natural, Lara Jean doesn’t handle hers in a healthy or mature way, making it hard to root for her and Peter’s relationship.

Dae Hid His Relationship With Yuri From Kitty

Dae, Yuri, and Kitty in XO, Kitty

One of the most disappointing aspects of Dae and Kitty’s relationship is when she gets to KISS to surprise him, he has another girlfriend. Ultimately, his relationship with Yuri is fake and a way for her to continue to date her girlfriend Juliana without her mom getting mad at her for being gay. Dae is doing her a favor because his father is her family’s personal driver.

However, Kitty doesn’t know this, and it’s difficult for her to see boy she had traveled across the world for dating another girl when they had been long-distance dating each other for four years. Even if it is a fake relationship, Dae hurts Kitty. While he does care about her feelings, he doesn’t seem to care enough to tell her the truth.

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Lara Jean & Peter’s Romance Is Stronger

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys

While both romances have their ups and downs, Lara Jean and Peter’s connection is stronger. Even though To All the Boys introduces several love interests for Lara Jean and puts her relationship to the test in various ways, their fate have always seemed obvious. Lara Jean and Peter were always meant to end up together, and as XO, Kitty reveals, the two are still making things work while attending college on opposite sides of the country.

This is something Lara Jean and Kitty’s older sister Margot didn’t do with her boyfriend Josh when she went away to college. Margot says it was her mother’s advice, but Lara Jean and Peter defy the odds because of how strong their connection is. No matter what they had gone through, by the end of each To All the Boys movie, Lara Jean and Peter always end up back together. Unfortunately, things go differently with Kitty.

While she may have thought she’d find her love story with Dae in Seoul, things don’t go according to plan, and Kitty and Dae don’t end up together by XO, Kitty‘s ending. They try to make a romance work after Dae apologizes to Kitty for the situation with Yuri, but by that time, Kitty already has feelings for Yuri and is coming to terms with her sexuality.

XO, Kitty also throws in another potential love interest with Dae’s wealthy and conceited friend Min Ho. Kitty and Dae don’t have the same connection that Lara Jean and Peter have, and this is evident from the first episode. The fact that they don’t choose each other by the end says a lot, and while Kitty expects to have her own romantic adventure in Seoul, she couldn’t mimic the incomparable bond her sister and Peter have.


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