Darcey Silva’s Most Meme-able Moments In 2022


Darcey & Stacey alum Darcey Silva has made many 90 Day Fiancé franchise viewers laugh in 2022, by posting odd videos and sharing awkward pictures.

Popular 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum Darcey Silva was once a fan-favorite, but the Darcey & Stacey star’s meme-worthy moments have made her the butt of jokes in 2022. The 48-year-old reality star is best-known for her spin-off show, where she showcased her plastic surgery transformation. Darcey enjoys dramatic makeovers, and she initially got popular due to her outspoken and bold attitude. However, things changed when she began undergoing cosmetic procedures that completely altered her physical appearance.


Over the past few years, Darcey has opted for several plastic surgeries and beauty treatments. These include rhinoplasty, lip injections, veneers, Brazilian butt lifts, liposuction, cold laser therapy, fillers, breast augmentations, and the controversial “fox eye” lift. 90 Day Fiancé and Darcey & Stacey viewers think that she never needed to undergo these cosmetic procedures. Recently, a throwback photo of her surfaced online, which reminded fans of how she used to look. Fans have been missing the old Darcey, who first wowed everyone on reality TV with her upbeat personality and genuine nature.

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Darcey Silva’s Huge Eyelashes

90 Day Fiancé - meme-worthy moments- Darcey Silva

90 Day Fiancé viewers have begun to think that the reality star has turned herself into a meme by posting some of the most embarrassing things on social media. In November (via CT Nail and Lash Tech), Darcey showed her laughably long fake eyelashes with a stone-faced expression. She flaunted her bushy lashes while lying on the procedure table, which fans felt made it funnier. The photo caught followers by surprise, and they couldn’t help but giggle at Darcey’s curvy eyelashes, which were twice the size of her eyebrows.

Fans Slam Darcey Silva’s Website Offerings

Fans have “memed” Darcey for her weird cosmetic procedures, and they have also laughed at her hilarious attempts to cash in at her website. The Connecticut native owns a beauty brand, House of Eleven, with her twin sister Stacey Silva. However, people are mostly unimpressed with some of their products, such as the, “Black Side Mesh Leggings.” A few months ago (via uncensored90day), fans caught Darcey selling the tight leggings for $75, but found the same items on Amazon for $13 a pop. An Instagram user commented,Atleast it’s a different model in the pictures,” suggesting that the 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum may have put some effort into hiring a model. Another user chimed in, “How about neither one.”

Darcey Silva’s Disturbing Antics

Darcey’s possibly intoxicated actions are probably her most embarrassing moments on social media. In July, a fan shared Darcey’s picture, in which she is trying to act sexy while seeming inebriated. The fan captioned (via 90dayfiancejunky), “Darcey’s drunk posting tonight, says she’s in the house. Man she really outta be.” In the photo, the mother of Aspen and Aniko played with her hair, and posed seductively for the camera. Another follower stated, “I felt so cringe watching this.” Darcey & Stacey fans hope that Darcey will not have embarrassing moments in 2023.

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