Doctor Strange 3 Could Smash An MCU Trilogy Record


Despite being as of yet unannounced, Doctor Strange 3 is set to destroy an MCU record regarding trilogies within the superhero movie franchise.

Doctor Strange 3 could destroy one MCU trilogy record regarding the timing of the franchise. The sequel to the original movie, Doctor Strange and The Multiverse Of Madness, followed in the first film’s footsteps by once again introducing audiences to a crucial aspect of the overall franchise – as Doctor Strange explored magic in the MCU, and Doctor Strange 2 revealed the multiverse and its movie-making potential. As Doctor Strange 3 hasn’t been announced in the impending MCU Phases, it seems it will likely follow suit, only appearing when it can further shed light on another key MCU feature.


However, this puts Doctor Strange 3 in a unique position, as the length of time set to be between the first movie and the third is set to make it the longest MCU movie trilogy in this regard. This could potentially be by a major margin, as not only does it appear Doctor Strange 3 will be after every MCU installment with an announced release date, but also likely after several without release dates. With movies like Armor Wars and Spider-Man 4 confirmed but without concrete release dates, the as-of-yet unannounced Doctor Strange 3 is likely to come after them, furthering its MCU trilogy record to a potential decade.

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Will Doctor Strange 3 Happen? When Could It Release?

Doctor Strange's MCU Villains Dormammu and Scarlet Witch

While Doctor Strange 3 remains currently unannounced, it’s highly unlikely the series will mark the first break of the MCU’s trilogy tradition. This is doubly true given the Doctor Strange movies have served well in fleshing out aspects of the world that would be hard to otherwise ensure audiences were aware of – as while the Disney+ MCU shows also serve this purpose, some viewers only watch the films. However, with plenty of major story threads to come first, it makes sense to leave the movie unannounced until it’s time to build hype for it, as an official announcement of a currently not integral movie could distract from closer releases.

With all this in mind, were Doctor Strange 3 to come after all the currently announced MCU movies, this would place a potential Doctor Strange 3 release date between 2026 and 2027. Though this is a long wait to complete the trilogy – and indeed would mean there were ten to eleven years between the first and third movie – it would allow for the Doctor Strange movies to feel more special as a result. Where many MCU trilogies are more self-contained stories involving their hero, Doctor Strange has always been slower and more focused on the universe and its semi-begrudging magical protector, with Stephen Strange growing alongside the world itself.

Why Doctor Strange Movies Have Such Big Release Gaps

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in the MCU.

Doctor Strange movies having larger release gaps between them than conventional MCU trilogy series may seem like a potential franchise flaw. After all, one of the key goals in most superhero trilogies is to get the viewer to root for the hero as much as possible, and placing large swathes of time between installments is an easy way to lose audience engagement. With the MCU’s Stephen Strange being one of the more important early-era MCU heroes, it stands to reason ensuring people like him would be a primary concern, especially as he becomes increasingly integral to the franchise.

However, the structure of the MCU itself means that not every franchise can run in quick succession. As Doctor Strange fits neatly into others storylines – exemplified in Spider-Man: No Way Home – it’s best his films see the longest release gaps as a result, because his series suffers the least from placing years between the movies. While the pandemic and behind the scenes complications certainly added to this, it’s clear that the big strength of the Doctor Strange series is that its close ties to the nature of the MCU universe allow installments to be perfectly placed whenever they arrive – as is set to be the case for Doctor Strange 3.

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