Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Olaf


Olaf is trapped in a cave in Dreamlight Valley’s Frozen Heights, and if players want him in their Valley, they’ll have to stop an eternal blizzard.

Olaf is the staple character of Frozen Heights in Dreamlight Valley, a lovable snowman from the Frozen franchise. He is rather oblivious but full of random trivia and ready to hang out. If players want him to join the line-up of villagers with Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa, they will have to save the Frozen Heights from an eternal blizzard.

The cave Olaf is stuck in is featured in the promotional art for Dreamlight Valley‘s third major update with a large blue circular design on stone doors. To open this cave, players will need to unlock the Frozen Heights for 10,000 Dreamlight, at which point they’ll be greeted by a thick snowstorm. Merlin sends the player into the storm, and they’ll have to head to the northern cliff face to find the door keeping Olaf out of Dreamlight Valley.


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The Great Blizzard Quest in Dreamlight Valley

A water memory of the Forgotten and Olaf fighting for an Orb with Olaf's hands stuck to it

The doors conceal the old Ruler’s secret study, where players finally meet Olaf in Dreamlight Valley. He has been trapped by the Forgotten, the player’s evil splinter self. A group of Scary Squirrels, formed of dark purple magic, have stolen his nose and buttons. Players will have to chase the squirrels through Frozen Heights and catch them. They can be spotted by the trail of purple smoke they leave behind. Sadly, players can’t befriend the Scary Squirrels like they can befriend ravens in Dreamlight Valley.

Once players catch all the squirrels, they must return to Olaf in Dreamlight Valley and give him his nose and buttons back. He doesn’t have his arms, though, as he thinks they are with the area’s Orb. Talking with him and Merlin will help the player learn that water has memory. By pouring the Watering Cans on some specific spots, players can see icy recreations of the Forgotten stealing the orb and Olaf’s arms and going through a dark portal in the secret room.

After looking at memories and talking to Olaf in Dreamlight Valley, players can pick up books scattered around the study to find one on fixing dark portals. If players want to go through the portal, they’ll need to build a Dreamlight Prism. The crafting recipe requires five Dreamlight Valley Purified Night Shards made from Dream Shards and Night Shards, ten Glass requiring thirty Sand, and three pieces of the old shattered prism found throughout the study.

Players can sell the other books they pick up from the study at Goofy’s Stall.

When players craft the Dreamlight Prism, they’ll have to find the missing gems from the pedestals in the study. These gems are an Amethyst from the Frozen Heights or Forgotten Lands, an Emerald from the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust, and a Citrine from the Glade of Trust or Sunlit Plateau. With all the gems collected, players will go through a few scene with Olaf from Dreamlight Valley to restore the Frozen Heights Pillar.

Once the Pillar is restored, the blizzard will clear and players will have to have one more conversation with Olaf to end the quest. With that, Olaf joins the game alongside the newly released Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley as a Valley resident. With this happy snowman around, Dreamlight Valley is sure to be a lively place full of warm hugs.

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