Elden Ring: All Sacred Tear Locations In Liurnia


Elden Ring’s region of Liurnia contains three Sacred Tears, two of which are quite tricky to find. Players have two possible approaches to get them.

While the starting zone of Limgrave in Elden Ring contained four Sacred Tears for new Tarnished, Liurnia of the Lakes is slightly less generous, offering three obtainable tear chalices. Nevertheless, acquiring Sacred Tears is vital for high-HP builds and spellcasters since it boosts the replenishment of the Crimson and Cerulean Flasks.

The first Sacred Tear in Liurnia can be obtained right after defeating Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring. Following the main trail near the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace, go the Church of Irith sitting nearby to the west. Inside, Tarnished will find a Sacred Tear as well as an NPC named Thops, who will sell low-level Sorcery Spells once players donate 10 Runes. Complete his quest to acquire his Bell Bearing, an Academy Glintstone Staff, and the Thops’s Barrier Sorcery. Liurnia’s next two Sacred Tears are significantly more challenging to find, requiring Tarnished to travel far north near the Atlus Plateau border.


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The second Sacred Tear is the Bellum Church, a landmark that sits beside the Bellum Highway. To get to this location, Tarnished have two choices. First, they can find the Academy Glintstone Key to access Raya Lucaria’s Portal to the East Gate, which will take the player directly to Bellum Highway. On the other hand, they can take the Liurnia Highway in Elden Ring, make their way through the Ruined Labyrinth to the western cliffs, and perform a platforming challenge to reach the Bellum Highway. Both methods are quite tricky, but they will grant access to the locations of Liurnia’s second and third Sacred Tear.

Every Liurnia Sacred Tear In Elden Ring

Elden Ring All Sacred Tear Locations In Liurnia

The Glintstone Key is located in a rock cluster west of Raya Lucaria but is guarded by Glintstone Dragon Smarag. The alternate Ruined Labyrinth route does not contain a Field Boss, but Tarnished must get past several bull-headed warriors that can one-shot snipe low-HP builds. Furthermore, once players eventually arrive at the Bellum Highway, it’s recommended players do not travel to the Bellum Church at night, as a high-level Night’s Cavalry will be patrolling the road. Once Tarnished finally arrive at the church, they can pick up the second Sacred Tear.

The third and final Sacred Tear in Elden Ring‘s Liurna of the Lakes is in the Church of Inhibition, located atop the mountain east of the Bellum Highway. The player cannot reach this church from the south but must instead follow a trail that ascends the ridge from the north. However, the Frenzied Flame Village’s tower is guarding the path and will inflict Madness on anyone brave enough to pass through. Moreover, once players get to the Church of Inhibition, they will be invaded by Festering Bloody Finger Vyke, who also can inflict Madness with his weapons and Spells. Nevertheless, after victoriously entering the safe haven church’s Site of Grace, Tarnished can collect the last Sacred Tear of Liurna of the Lakes.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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