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The final expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG)’s Sword and Shield series, VSTAR Universe, has been released in Japan, meaning that fans can now discover all the Secret Rare cards included in the expansion. The collection first came out on December 2, and a similar pack will release internationally in early January 2023 as Crown Zenith. Given that the Pokémon TCG‘s Sword and Shield series has been ongoing since around 2020, VSTAR Universe marks a significant milestone for the Trading Card Game as it moves into the next line of expansions, the Scarlet and Violet series. Not only will VSTAR Universe include previous cards from the Sword and Shield series, it will also reprint many of them with new alternate art.


Out of every VSTAR Universe card revealed for Pokémon TCG – there are 172 in total – 90 of them are classified as Secret Rares. This includes Alternate Art cards, Super Rare Energy and Trainer cards, and even a few Ultra Rares. While the pull rates for the entire expansion aren’t entirely transparent just yet, Pokémon TCG players will undoubtedly continue to learn more as the North American release of Crown Zenith draws closer. Until then, though, they can get an idea of what to expect by looking into the impressive selection of cards in VSTAR Universe. The full list has been dissected on PokéBeach.

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How Many Art Rare Cards Are In Pokémon TCG: VSTAR Universe

Three Rare Art cards in Pokémon TCG's VSTAR Universe set.

There are 37 Art Rare cards in VSTAR Universe, and, like most of the other Secret Rares in the pack, they include full-art cards featuring iconic Pokémon from throughout the franchise. Some of the best Pokémon TCG card art comes from the Sword and Shield series, and from the look of things, VSTAR Universe is no exception. The expansion pack’s Art Rare cards, and which other packs they can be found in, are as follows:

#173 Hisuian Voltorb (Astral Radiance)

#174 Kricketune (Astral Radiance)

#175 Magmortar (Astral Radiance)

#176 Oricorio (Fusion Strike)

#177 Lapras (Brilliant Stars)

#178 Manaphy (Brilliant Stars)

#179 Keldeo (Astral Radiance)

#180 Electivire (Brilliant Stars)

#181 Toxtricity (Fusion Strike)

#182 Galarian Articuno (Chilling Reign)

#183 Mew (Celebrations)

#184 Lunatone (Pokémon GO)

#185 Deoxys (Fusion Strike)

#186 Diancie (Astral Radiance)

#187 Comfey (Lost Origin)

#188 Galarian Zapdos (Chilling Reign)

#189 Solrock (Pokémon GO)

#190 Galarian Moltres (Chilling Reign)

#191 Absol (Astral Radiance)

#192 Thievul (Astral Radiance)

#193 Magnezone (Astral Radiance)

#194 Altaria (Evolving Skies)

#195 Latias (Fusion Strike)

#196 Hisuian Goodra (Lost Origin)

#197 Ditto (Pokémon GO)

#198 Dunsparce (Fusion Strike)

#199 Miltank (Astral Radiance)

#200 Bibarel (Brilliant Stars)

#201 Swablu (Evolving Skies)

#202 Riolu (Brilliant Stars)

#203 Duskull (Brilliant Stars)

#204 Bidoof (Crown Zenith)

#205 Pikachu (Lost Origin)

#206 Paras (Lost Origin)

#207 Turtwig (Brilliant Stars)

#208 Poochyena (Astral Radiance)

#209 Mareep (Evolving Skies)

Every Special Art Rare Card In Pokémon TCG’s VSTAR Universe

Rare Art - or Alternate Art - cards in VSTAR Universe from the Pokémon TCG.

As far as Special Art Rare cards, there’s just a dozen less in VSTAR Universe compared to the amount of Art Rares in the set. Pokémon Trading Card Game players will be able to find 25 in total, and each features unique alternate art that makes it stand out from the expansion’s other Secret Rares. This could also help explain why they’re often among the most sought-after cards by Pokémon TCG collectors. The best Pokémon TCG cards aren’t the most valuable, more often than not, and instead limited-time releases or stand-out designs garner significant attention from players. These Special Art Rare cards in VSTAR Universe may end up being worth quite a bit:

#210 Leafeon VSTAR (Promo)

#211 Charizard V (Promo)

#212 Charizard VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)

#213 Entei V (Brilliant Stars)

#214 Simisear VSTAR (Crown Zenith)

#215 Suicune V (Evolving Skies)

#216 Lumineon V (Brilliant Stars)

#217 Glaceon VSTAR (Promo)

#218 Raikou V (Brilliant Stars)

#219 Zeraora VMAX (Promo)

#220 Zeraora VSTAR (Promo)

#221 Mewtwo VSTAR (Pokémon GO)

#222 Deoxys VMAX (Promo)

#223 Deoxys VSTAR

#224 Hatterene VMAX (Crown Zenith)

#225 Zacian V (Celebrations)

#226 Lucario VSTAR (Promo)

#227 Drapion V (Lost Origin)

#228 Darkrai VSTAR (Astral Radiance)

#229 Hisuian Samurott V (Astral Radiance)

#230 Hisuian Samurott VSTAR (Astral Radiance)

#231 Hoopa V (Fusion Strike)

#232 Zamazenta V (Brilliant Stars)

#233 Regigigas V (Crown Zenith)

#234 Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR (Lost Origin)

All Of VSTAR Universe’s Secret Rare Pokémon TCG Cards

Secret Rare Trainer's cards in Pokémon TCG's VSTAR Universe pack.

There are two primary types of additional Secret Rare cards in VSTAR Universe: Trainer’s cards and Energy cards. As the name might imply, Trainer’s cards feature trainers from throughout the Pokémon series, and Energy cards provide players with energy of various different types. There are eight Secret Rare Energy cards that have a chance of being pulled. They include Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, and Metal.

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Beyond that, there are 16 Secret Rare cards in Pokémon TCG‘s VSTAR Universe set that depict Pokémon trainers on them. While the collection isn’t quite identical to that of Crown Zenith‘s Secret Rare Pokémon TCG cards, there’s a small bit of overlap. For example, the Friends in Sinnoh and Friends in Hisui cards can both be found in the international release. Other Secret Rare cards to look out for include the following:

#235 Colress’s Experiment (Lost Origin)

#236 Irida (Astral Radiance)

#237 Raihan (Evolving Skies)

#238 Grant (Astral Radiance)

#239 Cynthia’s Ambition (Brilliant Stars)

#240 Adaman (Astral Radiance)

#241 Cheren’s Care (Brilliant Stars)

#242 Roxanne (Astral Radiance)

#243 Gardenia’s Vigor (Astral Radiance)

#244 Melony (Chilling Reign)

#245 Volo (Lost Origin)

#246 Elesa’s Sparkle (Fusion Strike)

#247 Friends in Sinnoh (Crown Zenith)

#248 Professor’s Research (Rowan) (Brilliant Stars)

#249 Friends in Hisui (Crown Zenith)

#250 Boss’s Orders (Cyrus) (Brilliant Stars)

#251 Grass Energy

#252 Fire Energy

#253 Water Energy

#254 Lightning Energy

#255 Psychic Energy

#256 Fighting Energy

#257 Darkness Energy

#258 Metal Energy

How To Find Ultra Rare Cards In Pokémon TCG: VSTAR Universe

The four Secret Ultra Rare cards in VSTAR Universe from the Pokémon TCG.

Lastly, players looking to purchase packs from the VSTAR Universe expansion should know that there are only four Ultra Rare cards in the set. They include Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and Arceus. It feels fitting to have such notable Legendary Pokémon on some of the rarest Secret cards in the latest Pokémon TCG expansion. The full name of each card, as well as which other Sword and Shield sets they can be found in, can be seen here:

#259 Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (Astral Radiance)

#260 Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR (Astral Radiance)

#261 Giratina VSTAR (Lost Origin)

#262 Arceus VSTAR (Brilliant Stars)

Many Pokémon TCG fans felt that Sword and Shield‘s final set should be huge, and it seems as though VSTAR Universe is well-prepared to deliver in that regard. Whether Crown Zenith will follow suit remains to be seen, but if it includes many of the same cards seen in VSTAR Universe, it will undoubtedly shape up to be just as impressive of a send-off for the previous Pokémon TCG series. The final expansion’s Secret Rare cards, in particular, seem as though they’ll set a high bar as the Pokémon Trading Card Game moves into the Scarlet and Violet line.

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Source: PokéBeach

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