Every Yellowstone Easter Egg & Story Reveal In The 1923 Trailer


The extended 1923 trailer includes several Yellowstone Easter eggs and glimpses into the show’s plot and character relationships. In the Yellowstone prequel series, it’s been 40 years since Margaret (Faith Hill) and James Dutton (Tim McGraw) reached Paradise Valley in 1883 and founded the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, which in 1923 is being run by James’ brother Jacob (Harrison Ford) and his wife Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren). Echoing Yellowstone season 1’s plot, 1923 sees Jacob and Cara Dutton going up against their wealthy new neighbor, Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton), whose goal is to own not just the Dutton ranch, but the entire valley.


Based on the 1923 cast and story, the prequel already seems ready to replace Yellowstone as Taylor Sheridan’s flagship television crime drama. With the show tackling the lives and struggles of the first and second-generation Duttons, 1923 draws several parallels with Yellowstone, which can be observed in the Yellowstone Easter eggs in the trailer for 1923. Here’s how certain details in the 1923 trailer call back to Yellowstone – and what they reveal about the prequel’s story.

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Timothy Dalton’s Donald Whitfield Is 1923’s Dan Jenkins

Who is 1923's villain

Donald Whitfield is highly similar to Dan Jenkins, the rich real estate developer who served asYellowstone season 1’s villain. The biggest difference is that in 1923, the Duttons aren’t as powerful and the ranch isn’t the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the country yet. Moreover, Donald Whitfield is also destined to fail, like Dan Jenkins and the other factions in Yellowstone in its earlier seasons, as the Duttons clearly held on to their land. That said, though Donald Whitfield’s fate seems set in stone, it is his impact on the Duttons as 1923‘s villain that will ultimately determine his importance as a Yellowstone universe character – just like Dan Jenkins.

Harrison Ford’s Jacob Is A Lawman Like John Dutton From Yellowstone

first generation duttons

Like John Dutton, Jacob abuses his power as a lawman to protect his ranch, his family, and the land, and also recognizes that “the war has already started,” echoing John Dutton in Yellowstone seasons 1 and 5. Indeed, it would seem that 1923 will continue the Yellowstone tradition of its protagonist being a Dutton patriarch and antihero who knows exactly how to wield the power of a badge. Just as former livestock commissioner and Montana governor John Dutton utilizes his authority to bend others to his will in Yellowstone, so will Jacob Dutton do the same in 1923.

Helen Mirren’s Cara Dutton Is Worse Than Beth From Yellowstone

1923 beth dutton cara taylor sheridan femme fatale

Cara is proof that 100 years ago, the Dutton women were even more dangerous than Beth. That said, both serve similar roles in their respective series – the signature Taylor Sheridan femme fatale, intelligent and beautiful in ways that make them feared by the Duttons’ enemies. However, unlike Beth, Cara Dutton isn’t held back by modern law enforcement and is free to do as she pleases in the frontier – as seen in the 1923 trailer, when Cara threatens to kill someone slowly and outright tells another person that they have no rights in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

1923’s Duttons Are Also War Veterans And Hunters Like In Yellowstone

1923 cast duttons

The 1923 trailer also shows the Dutton men involved in both war and hunting, just like the Duttons in Yellowstone. As Kayce’s visions in the Yellowstone season 4 ending reminded viewers, Kayce Dutton’s perspective is informed by his past as a soldier, which continues to haunt him. Meanwhile, in Yellowstone season 5, the ranch faced severe hunting-related problems when ranch hands Ryan and Colby accidentally killed collared wolves from the nearby national park. As the voice of Elsa Dutton says in a previous 1923 trailer, “Violence has always haunted this family.”

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The Dutton House Is More Than 100 Years Old

how old is the dutton house in yellowstone

In the 1923 trailer, the outside of the Dutton home already looks highly similar to how it appears in Yellowstone. Though it’s unclear when exactly the house was built, this is a stark reminder that the Duttons have been an established presence in Paradise Valley for over a century. While the Dutton home’s large stone foundations are a sign of generational wealth in Yellowstone, in 1923, they mainly signify how the Duttons are successful homesteaders and ranchers who first came to Montana through the Westward Expansion of the 1800s.

Are Elizabeth Strafford And Donald Whitfield Working Together?

who is Michelle Randolph playing in 1923

The 1923 trailer drops the show’s first big mystery in the introduction of Elizabeth Strafford (Michelle Randolph), who’s been described as a “feisty young woman set to marry a Dutton.” This description seemed innocent enough – until Donald Whitfield told Cara Dutton in the 1923 trailer that he has acquired the Strafford ranch next to the Dutton property. There seems to be a connection between Donald Whitfield buying the Strafford ranch and Elizabeth Strafford’s plans to marry into the Dutton family.

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