Falcon & The Winter Soldier Might Have Spoiled Captain America 4’s Twist


A key theme in Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier show could spoil a major villain twist in Captain America: New World Order.

A plot detail in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier may spoil a major twist in Captain America: New World Order. The fourth Captain America movie will seemingly introduce a new threat for the characters to deal with, but the foundation for the story was laid in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In turning Sam Wilson into the MCU’s second Captain America, the MCU created the building blocks for the upcoming Phase 5 movie.

Interestingly, the first episode of the six-part series is titled “New World Order.” The fact that it matches the title of the new Captain America movie is quite telling, but also curious because there is no organization by that name in the episode. Supposedly, the title of the film refers to the changing world and the fight Sam will have with The Incredibly Hulk’s The Leader. But it could also connect with the premise of the episode and the show in general. Themes in “New World Order” could provide insight into what should be expected from Captain America 4.


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How Disney+ Already Spoiled New World Order

Falcon and Winter Soldier Bucky Explains Symbolism

“New World Order,” as well as the episodes that followed, was defined by people trying to overcome a threat while oblivious to an even greater one in their midst. The Flag Smashers, for instance, were mentioned early on by Joaquin Torres, but didn’t turn out to be a major problem until the end of the episode. There’s also the matter of John Walker, who was appointed as Steve Rogers’ replacement when Sam declined the opportunity. Walker was a prime example of this idea, as the hero chosen to fight for the country eventually evolved into a huge liability, thus leaving a stain on Captain America’s legacy.

If these themes carry over to Captain America: New World Order, then it may be that the main plot isn’t what Marvel has made it out to be. Right now, the movie seemingly has a clear villain (the Leader), when it may actually be someone else entirely. It’s possible that Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader is a distraction that will lead to Sam and his allies ignoring a bigger problem. Given the MCU’s track record, a different character in the movie standing revealed as the true villain wouldn’t be off-brand for Marvel at all.

Who Is The Real Villain In Captain America 4?

Sharon Carter talks on the phone in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Leader not being the main antagonist would raise the obvious question: who is Captain America: New World Order’s real villain? The answer to that question could stem from a key development in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In the show, it was discovered that Sharon Carter is the Power Broker. If her illegal operations continue and her empire grows, she would have the potential to cause all sorts of chaos for Sam Wilson. A former love interest of Steve Rogers would be an unexpected adversary for the new Captain America, but not one incapable of posing a threat to society.

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