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Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Andrew Chambliss explained Morgan was immune in The Walking Dead because of luck. Since his introduction in the first episode of The Walking Dead, Lennie James’ Morgan has had quite the journey. He experienced traumatic events and losses but appeared to severely suffer from PTSD and delusions because of it. He proved to be a bit of a wild card, going from being on the brink of insanity to living with a peaceful and anti-violence philosophy, only to snap back into a cold-blooded killer. TWD‘s Season 8’s final battle led Morgan to step away from the group and go off on his own journey of healing.


Morgan crossed over to Fear the Walking Dead and has been a recurring character on Fear the Walking Dead since his transition onto the series in season 4. The premiere episode of season 6 followed a season 5 cliffhanger that questioned Morgan’s fate after being shot and left for dead by Virginia (Colby Minifie). The trailer and poster for season 6 showed Morgan with bloodshot eyes, causing fans to speculate what could be wrong with him. The season 6 premiere showed Morgan alive. His wound bursts open, resulting in a bad smell, which benefited Morgan, who could move along with the walkers without being attacked.

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The Zombies Ignored Morgan Because He Was So Close To Death

Morgan with red eyes in Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner, Andrew Chambliss explained Morgan gets his immunity from his near-death scent (via Entertainment Weekly). Morgan’s smell tricked the walkers into believing he was one of them. “He’s so close to death, and that wound had been sadly treated by a mystery person, and it really is just kind of emitting the stench of death,” Chambliss said. “And that is what kind of gives him almost this super-power where he can walk amongst the dead without being noticed.” Morgan even yelled at the walkers to get their attention as they continue to pass by without noticing him, giving the appearance of a Morgan Jones immune twist.

“That is really about Morgan just trying to prove to himself that he’s not gone yet. I think there’s something very scary when you’re living in this world where every moment of your life is about avoiding these walkers. But then when they start ignoring you, that’s really disconcerting. And I think it really, for Morgan, shows just how close he is to death.”

In this case, it was something fans of the original series saw as The Whisperers walked among the Walkers with the scent of the dead on them. In Robert Kirkman’s comic books, Morgan died after being bitten by a walker when a herd breached Alexandria’s gates, which would have been around season 6 of the show. Morgan’s longevity in both Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is surprising but also feels full circle since he has been around since the beginning. Morgan has now survived several moments where he should have died, yet he continues on. It’s hard to deny that Morgan is an intriguing character who has had a fascinating story of survival.

Nobody In The Walking Dead Is Immune To The Virus

A close up of Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead.

While, at times, Morgan is immune in The Walking Dead because he uses the scent of death to mask his identity, he is not actually immune to the zombie plague. No one is immune to it and no one will become immune to it. In the world of The Walking Dead, when someone dies, they become a zombie and there is no way around that. They don’t even need to be bitten or infected. Death means turning. Robert Kirkman revealed that there is no way an idea of immunity could ever come into his world, saying, “No, that would be terrible. That’s not a storyline I like” (via ComicBook.com) The idea of immunity in Fear the Walking Dead ruins the fear of death.

“One, because it’s been done on a lot of other zombie stories. And two, because you know it’s kind of a mythology-breaking proposition. You don’t want that kind of thing as far as somebody being immune. And we have dabbled in that a little bit in the other show [Fear The Walking Dead].”

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