FTWD’s Rick Grimes Connection Supports A Walking Dead Reunion Theory



Fear The Walking Dead’s season 8 trailer has indicators of Rick Grimes that support theories of a future Walking Dead reunion. The dark and action-packed trailer provides a glimpse into the final chapter of Fear The Walking Dead, which will finally come to an end with season 8. Despite the decision to wrap up the 2015 extension of the flagship series, the Fear The Walking Dead season 8 trailer hints that AMC intends to try and answer some substantially pressing questions left off from season 7 and before, while also pushing the FTWD narrative past the end of the series.


Season 7 concluded with Morgan (Lennie James) and Madison (Kim Dickens) blindfolded at the hands of Fear The Walking Dead’s PADRE and surrendering themselves over for the covert purposes of finding Mo. Conflict with PADRE appears to be the driving force for FTWD’s final season, as the season 8 teaser reveals that Morgan’s group will find themselves further east at the center of PADRE’s stronghold. What transpires there may acknowledge the end of the FTWD era. However, subtle hints in the teaser trailer point toward theories of a Walking Dead reunion that could extend plot and character storylines into the future of the TWD franchise.

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Fear The Walking Dead May Be Setting Up A Rick & Morgan Reunion

Morgan Jones in Fear The Walking Dead

Although the Fear The Walking Dead trailer majorly suggests a focus on the fight against PADRE, it’s also packed with allusions to Morgan’s old friend and crucial Walking Dead character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). In a voiceover that inspires the whole of the trailer, Morgan recites a speech of determination similar to the words Rick spoke before leaving the group. Shortly after, Grace (Karen David) speaks Rick’s name directly and encourages Morgan to brandish the gun Rick gifted to him; even more excitingly, the teaser trailer reveals Morgan will return home, the site where he and Rick shared some iconic scenes together. The clues hopefully lay the groundwork for the two to share more screen time with each other in the near future.

Fear The Walking Dead’s sudden references to Rick support recent theories The Walking Dead franchise is planning to set up a reunion between the two characters. Such a scenario would be well welcomed by fans who’ve supported The Walking Dead franchise since the beginning and who hope to see the development of Morgan in FTWD season 8 end in a good place. Finding each other could potentially mean a continued storyline for the characters well into the future, whether they work in arms together or look to secure a safe haven for their remaining comrades, but most importantly, a reunion between Rick and Morgan would bring their narratives from The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead full circle.

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How Morgan Can Meet Rick After Fear The Walking Dead Ends

Rick and Morgan in The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead’s trailer made Rick and Morgan’s reunion all the more probable with a massive time jump ahead that places the FTWD timeline in a compatible position with the timeline of The Walking Dead. Mo was a baby in FTWD season 7, and her age in the trailer for season 8 confirms a seven-year time skip forward. This gives The Walking Dead franchise some room to play with if they intend to have characters of the separate series interact come season 8 or in the future of TWD universe.

Similarly to the position Morgan will be in with the time jump, his capture at the hands of PADRE could place Morgan a lot closer to the Commonwealth, where he has a better chance of catching the characters of The Walking Dead than he did when he was on the West Coast. Although Fear The Walking Dead will come to a conclusion, TWD franchise plans to create numerous spinoffs where all the surviving characters have considerable chances to appear. Rick is already confirmed for his own spinoff, and a reunion with Morgan in a second season of that show could precipitate a continuation of Morgan’s storyline.


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