Get To Know Nick Thompson, Dog Lover & Marketing Exec


Nick Thompson is on Love Is Blind season two and fans want to learn more about him and his adorable dog. Here is everything to know about him.

On Love Is Blind season two, Nick Thompson is looking to find a wife, and fans are eager to learn more about him. This season will feature 15 men and 15 women on their unconventional journeys to find love from inside of dating “pods.” Here is everything to know about the fledgling reality star Nick.

Love Is Blind season one gave fans iconic moments, like Jessica Batten giving her dog wine, and Giannina Gibelli sprinting away from the altar after she was rejected by Damian Powers. It also showed that sometimes a couple can fall in love before they have seen each other’s faces, as fan favorites Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are still together. Fans will have to wait until Love Is Blind season two premieres on February 11 to see who brings the drama (and the love) this time around.


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Love Is Blind’s Nick Thompson’s Age

Nick is one of the older cast members on Love Is Blind season two, as he is 36 years old. He appears to have grown up in Illinois, as he went to Harper College outside of Chicago to get his Associate’s Degree. He later moved to Florida to attend Full Sail University.

Love Is Blind 2’s Nick Thompson’s Job

After college, Nick moved back to his native Chicago, and he’s worked for several different companies, as part of their marketing departments. While Love Is Blind‘s Nick is a dog dad, he is also a Vice President of Product Marketing for a computer software company in Chicago. According to Nick‘s LinkedIn, he has worked at his current company, Mediafly, for seven months. In his free time, he volunteers, helping kids around Chicago to access education and job training.

Love Is Blind 2’s Nick Thompson’s Instagram

The Love Is Blind cast member’s Instagram (@nthompson513) has more pictures of his dog, Mr. Greyson, than it does of Nick. He has bonded with fellow Love Is Blind season 2 cast member Shaina Hurley on Instagram due to their shared love of golden doodles. Nick even said that he hopes his adorable pup will get to meet Shaina soon, and fans are wondering if that was a hint that they will find love together on the show. He has posted many travel pictures and loves going to the beach, as he has enjoyed seaside life in Mexico, Florida, and Croatia.

Love Is Blind 2’s Nick Thompson’s Fun Facts

In Love Is Blind‘s season 2 trailer, Nick is shown in tears, and fans are curious about what kind of drama he gets involved in. He has also shared some things about himself that he wants to share with fans, such as the fact that he is a bit of a neat freak. He will likely look for someone on the show with a similar mindset. Nick said he was extremely excited to join the cast of Love Is Blind season 2 because he thinks dating in the real world is difficult. Will this experiment help him find the one.?

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