Halo TV Show Twitter Feature Turns Like Button Into Master Chief Helmet


Following the premiere of the Halo television series, Twitter introduces a new feature that transforms the like button into Master Chief’s helmet.

Following the premiere of the Halo television series, Twitter has introduced a new feature that transforms the like button into Master Chief’s helmet. The series is an adaptation of Microsoft’s hit sci-fi first-person shooter video game series. The central character is Pablo Schreiber’s Master Chief, an armored supersoldier from the future tasked with defending humanity from a genocidal alien threat.

Set in the far future of the 25th Century, Halo‘s most iconic character is the Master Chief, also known as John-117. The heavily augmented human supersoldier of the Spartan-II program is trained in a wide range of weaponry to tackle threats to humanity. Super-strong, agile, and effective in nearly all possible combat scenarios, each Spartan dons a set of Mjolnir Mark IV power-armor, making them near-indestructible, highly dangerous killing machines capable of holding back any threat that the terrifying alien theocratic empire known as the Covenant can throw at them. One of lead actor Schreiber’s favorite aspects of playing the Master Chief, the series’ power armor is one of Halo‘s most recognizable pieces of iconography, and now Twitter has incorporated it into one of its’ staple features.


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As addressed by the Twitter Gaming Twitter account, the popular social media platform has incorporated a nod to the franchise into the “Like” feature when clicked, turning the button into Master Chief’s helmet. In the tweet, Twitter Gaming stated “Like me when you need me,” a nod to an iconic line from Halo 3‘s ending that the Master Chief (Steve Downes) tells Cortana before entering cryo-stasis while drifting aboard a damaged spacecraft. The tweet also featured two images, first the like button, and then the Master Chief helmet that it turns into upon being clicked. Check out Twitter Gaming‘s original tweet below:

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Despite his excitement, the television series’ armor did prove challenging for Schreiber, who stated that he felt immobile when donning the highly detailed costume. While the armor itself was heavy, Schreiber stated that most of the trouble that he found on-set was due to the armor feeling constrictive, restricting his movement. As such, Schreiber and Halo co-star, Bokeem Woodbine, have emphasized that the costumes require plenty of preparation and training before they can don the suits, with Schreiber stating that he had to take a physical training bootcamp ahead of filming where he learned how to wear the suits as well as handle the weaponry the Master Chief and other Spartans use throughout the series.

Halo‘s Mjolnir armor has been one of the series’ most celebrated pieces of iconography since its initial announcement, with the design having been a mainstay throughout the franchise’s near-20-year history, with some variation. As such, Twitter’s like button tribute is a fitting way to celebrate the series. With Halo season 2 set to begin filming in summer and Schreiber ready to don the armor once more, fans and newcomers can expect to see more of the Master Chief’s Mjolnir Mark VI armor in the future.

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