Henry Cavill Responds to Enola Homes 2 Sherlock Spinoff Potential


Warning! Spoilers ahead for Enola Holmes 2.Following the recent release of Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix, star Henry Cavill responds to whether his character, Sherlock Holmes, could get his very own spinoff movie. Released in 2020, the first Enola Holmes film proved popular with audiences, introducing Millie Bobby Brown’s take on Sherlock’s younger sister. The movie, which is based on the novels by author Nancy Springer, follows Enola as she works to uncover the mystery surrounding her missing mother. Enola Holmes 2 sees the return of Brown and Cavill, with the latter playing a bigger role this time around.


Enola Holmes 2 chronicles Enola’s attempts to start her very own detective agency, just like her older brother, with the young sleuth eventually finding herself on the case of a missing girl in the dangerous heart of London. In contrast to the first movie, which saw Enola and Sherlock working mostly separately, the sequel features the two siblings working together to crack the case. Reviews for Enola Holmes 2 have been generally positive, with particular praise levied at the strong chemistry between Brown and Cavill and their portrayals of their respective characters. Cavill is the latest actor to portray the famous British detective following the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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In a recent interview with Collider, Henry Cavill addresses the chances of Enola Holmes 2 getting a spinoff focusing on his Sherlock. Cavill recently returned to the role of Superman and has a number of other films lined up, and his comment addresses the fact that his busy schedule will be a major factor in deciding whether such a spinoff could actually happen. Check out Cavill’s full comment below when asked if a Sherlock spinoff could move forward:

“I do know what you mean, yes. I think there are so many options there. The important thing for me is making sure that I can give everything I need to give to every one of the characters that I play. As we know, I’m getting busier, and my plate is becoming slightly more full, so I think it’s all about making sure that I have the time to serve the characters as I need to.”

How Enola Holmes 2 Sets Up A Henry Cavill Sherlock Holmes Spinoff

Although Cavill’s comment hints that a spinoff focusing on his Sherlock might not be possible right now considering his other commitments, Enola Holmes 2‘s ending does act as a perfect setup. After Enola denies Sherlock’s offer to form a detective partnership in an effort to forge her own path in life, a mid-credits scene features Sherlock’s prospective new flatmate, revealed to be Dr. John Watson (Himesh Patel), arriving at his home on Baker Street. Dr. Watson, of course, played a crucial role as Sherlock’s sidekick in Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes novels, and the short scene suggests that the duo’s most exciting adventures are yet to come.

Enola Holmes 2 has earned a very positive response from fans and critics alike and Brown has already shared her ideas for a prospective Enola Holmes 3, proving that there is interest in seeing the franchise continue. Although Cavill’s Superman plans are currently unknown, it’s possible that the role will require a multi-film commitment from the actor, potentially keeping him tied up for the foreseeable future. It’s certainly possible that Cavill will eventually star in an Enola Holmes 2 Sherlock spinoff, but it currently seems far more likely that the actor’s next appearance as the iconic sleuth will be as a supporting character once more in Enola Holmes 3.

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