Here’s 15 Black Plus Size Beauty Content Creators to Know!


If there’s one thing that we know, it’s that the beauty community is THRIVING! Whether on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok; there is no shortage of dope beauty content creators. However, as many fly beauty content creators that there are; often time our Black plus size content creators can get lost in the shuffle.

So when our Editor in Chief, Marie Denee put out a call on twitter for plus size Black content creators; we were excited when you all responded!

Hey! Im looking for all Black plus size Beauty Bloggers/YouTubers!

Can you drop your links?
Tag them?

— TheCurvyFashionista (@MarieDenee) June 14, 2020

We have to pull our beauty inspiration and get our tutorials from someone… right?   We’ve already rounded up 40+ Black Indie designers, 25+ women of color pioneers in the plus size fashion space, and now? We have to include our beauty girls!     

Glamazon 1026- Black Plus size beauty content creators
Image via @Glamazon1026 on Twitter

Well, as expected, you all did not fail to deliver. While there are many dope content creators tagged, today we’ll be sharing 15 out of the hundreds of amazing creators that were mentioned…

Check it out!

15 Black Plus Size Beauty Content Creators to Know!

We hope you guys are just as impressed with this roundup of talented beauty creators as we were… and there are so many more that we did not include, here.  

When it comes to Black plus size beauty content creators, especially the plus ones, what is it that you look for from them? Is it their style? Their knowledge? Or even their sense of humor? Or is it really about how you feel you can do something, after watching them?

Did we miss YOUR fave? Drop their names and links below, so that we can follow and show them love! 

To show your support, be sure to follow, subscribe and share their content AND be sure to share this article too!

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Originally posted 2021-07-16 18:21:43.

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