How Effective Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is for Radiation Damage


Radiation therapy is taken by cancer patients to kill the cancer cells. However, the drawback of the therapy is that it also destroys the normal cells that surround the tissues and blood vessels. This is the core reason for the delayed radiation injuries that last for months or years after therapy. Hence, encourage cancer patients to move towards HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy).

The therapy allows a significant amount of oxygen to reach areas that are ruined by radiation to combat normal cells and tissues from dying. The more oxygen is consumed, the more chances of new blood vessels formation.

Before knowing the end results of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for radiation damage. Let’s know the types of radiation exposure. 

What are the Types of Radiation Exposure 

Despite paying attention to where & how radiation damage happened. It’s better to know the three types of radiation that you can be a victim of and how to cure it. Three radiation exposures are irradiation, external contamination and internal contamination and incorporation.

Continue reading to know in-depth! 

1: Irradiation

The body is prone to irradiation when all or one part of the body is contacted by penetrating radiation from an external source.

2: External & Internal Contamination

This type of radiation damage is due to external and internal contamination with radioactive materials. The term contamination refers to the radioactive materials that spread to locations that nerve thought of. For example, when skin becomes contaminated with radioactive materials, the infection can spread throughout the body, which leads to radiation damage. 

3: Incorporation

The third type of radiation exposure is an incorporation that cannot happen without internal contamination. It is a process where radioactive materials are absorbed by body cells, tissues & target organs like the liver, thyroid, kidney, or bone. However, radioactive materials supply inside the body on the basis of their chemical properties

How HBOT is a Solution to Radiation Injury 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy proves right for treating several medical conditions. Moreover, the therapy targets tumours effectively and minimises the deterioration of the surrounding tissues. In several studies, HBOT is recommend for treating several types of latent radiation injury, such as:  

  • Radiation Cystitis or Proctitis where patients can be dealing with urinary pain, burning, or bleeding.
  • Radiation Tissue Injury after Mastectomy: After mastectomy and radiation therapy, many women get surgical reconstruction. The risk of post-operative complications can arise because of poor circulation in the radiated area. 
  • Dental Problems or Jawbone Problems that Lead to Head & Neck Surgery for Cancer: After radiation therapy, the damage caused to the salivary glands impact the blood flow and result in open sores, muscle or skin issues. Patients can also suffer when moving their necks or swallowing.
  • Bleeding after Colon Cancer and Radiation: It has symptoms such as incontinence, diarrhoea and rectal bleeding.
  • Personality Changes after Brain Cancer by Having Radiation Therapy: Patients who underwent radiation therapy for brain cancer may see some personality changes like memory and/or language troubles.

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