How Old Outer Banks’ Cleo Is (& How It Affects Her Relationship With Pope)


Cleo and Pope’s relationship goes to the next level in Outer Banks season 3, and Cleo’s age directly affects how viewers could feel about it.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Outer Banks season 3!Outer Banks season 3 reveals much more about Cleo (Carlacia Grant) as she joins the Pogues, and confirmation of her age becomes even more important thanks to her relationship with Pope (Jonathan Daviss). After being introduced in season 2 of Netflix’s youthful adventure series, Cleo made the complete switch from a partial antagonist to a full-fledged member of the Pogues. Outer Banks season 3 picks up with Cleo fully accepted as part of the group after they became stranded on an island they call Poguelandia after escaping from the Bahamas and a failed attempt to get the Cross of Santo Domingo.


Cleo is able to play a much bigger role in Outer Banks season 3 thanks to her established friendship with the Pogues. The show does not focus too heavily on her past life, but it does continue to depict the newest Pogue as one of the more mature members of the group. Her history of having to fend for herself has resulted in Cleo acting well beyond her actual age. Since the majority of Cleo’s story in season 3 is focused on exploring the budding romance between her and Pope, her actual age in Outer Banks becomes an important factor for the show.

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Cleo Is The Same Age As The Pogues

Outer Banks Season 3 Pogues Group JJ Sarah Cleo John B and Pope

Despite moments where she seems much older, Cleo is the same age as the Pogues. She is confirmed to be 17 years old in the series. Outer Banks does not spend much time specifically mentioning how old the other Pogues are, but they are all either 16 or 17. John B is the oldest member of the Pogues at 17 years old, while JJ, Sarah, Pope, and Kiara are all 16 years old. Cleo’s age in Outer Banks season 3 means that she could be the oldest member of the Pogues, even if there are only a few months separating her from the rest of the group.

The knowledge that Cleo is 17 years old in Outer Banks reaffirms how mature she is for her age. She has been on her own for most of her life, with season 3 including a mention that Cleo has largely been without any friends or family for the last 14 years. This helps explain why Cleo’s age might be surprising, as she is wiser and more mature than the average teenager. It also helps that Outer Banks cast member Carlacia Grant is 32 years old in real life, so she naturally brings some added maturity to the role.

Why Cleo & Pope’s Relationship Needed Her To Be 17

Outer Banks Season 3 Cleo and Pope

Knowing Cleo’s age in Outer Banks is especially important thanks to season 3 pushing her and Pope’s relationship. This storyline meant that Cleo needed to be 17 and close in age to the rest of the Pogues. If Cleo were significantly older or younger than Pope, it would negatively affect the romance. She needed to be in his age range to make Cleo and Pope’s relationship believable and avoid anything that would make it inappropriate. There is a decade gap between Carlacia Grant and Jonathan Daviss in real life, but Outer Banks season 3 making Cleo 17 years old allows her and Pope’s romance to work within the story.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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