How To Anonymously Sign Up For Any Online Service


Earlier security was almost the least important thing to internet users. However, this situation has changed over time. These days there are no people who would refuse to protect themselves from online spammers and scammers. Nor should we exclude the possibility of falling victim to either data leakage or theft which have become pretty common for online services. The most obvious solution to this issue is to use fake personal data when creating a profile on every platform. It is easy with first and last names, country of residence, and other information. But what is the way to avoid disclosing a personal phone number? Here comes a disposable number to receive SMS that everyone can use to register with any website or application.

Factors that ensure anonymity

Disposable phone numbers are considered one of the best features for maintaining anonymity on the internet. The reason lies in their name. Such a number cannot be used more than one time. Once it happens, it is permanently deleted from the database of its provider so no one including its initial owner can use it again to access the registered profile.

However, this is not the only thing that makes disposable numbers a good solution for those who want to become anonymous online. They are also:

  • Cannot be used in order to disclose the identity of its user so even if somehow it ends up in hands of fraudsters, they will not be able to use it for this purpose;
  • Designed to only receive verification codes from online services so there is also no risk of getting attacked with fraudulent messages and calls;
  • Never were on the market before so both regular and dark web search engines provide no data about it.

But the list of benefits of disposable phone numbers in terms of preserving online anonymity does not end there either. Read below about its main advantage.

Gives no opportunity for tracking

Trying to determine the location of an internet user by his mobile number is basically not the easiest task. It requires using special software that the average person has no option to get. However, when it comes to disposable phone numbers, doing this is not possible even with those tools. Instead of mobile phones of their users, disposable numbers are assigned to certain online servers. Because of this, they have a static location that does not change even if people using them are moving between countries.

It is also alright to activate disposable phone numbers issued in other countries. For example, those who live in the US can sign up for required website or application using number from Germany, Argentina or somewhere else on the planet. Going this way helps to preserve anonymity at its best even though there is no real need for it due to the above-mentioned reason.

Platform to get disposable phone number

Obtaining such a phone number is much easier than it most often seems at first glance. Just visit the OTP verification platform SMS-Man. You can use it to get disposable numbers in more than a hundred countries that are set up to sign up for all the popular online services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Here is how to do it:

  1. Complete registration at
  2. Refill balance in a suitable way from those that are available.
  3. Select issuing country of a disposable phone number on the start page of the platform.
  4. Move on to the section with online services and choose one to register with.
  5. Hit the purchase button to get a disposable number.

Using a disposable phone number is not more difficult than getting one as it works in the same way as a real one. Just enter it on the registration form of the selected website or application, request a verification code, and then enter the received code to finish registration.

Denis Ava
Denis Ava
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