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Astaroth is a boss in Diablo 4 that will present players with quite a challenge. Aside from Lilith, he is one of the primary bosses of the game. He will be fought at the end of Act II as he will serve as the grand finale boss fight for that Act. Astaroth will be particularly challenging, so it’s important to come prepared.


Astaroth is a name players should know well before they come face to face with him as word will already have spread that Lilith has a plan to revive him. This boss fight in Diablo 4 will be a little emotionally charged as revenge on Astaroth will be in order for what has occurred with Donan.

Preparing To Defeat Astaroth

Lilith resurecting Astaroth in Diablo 4

When heading into this fight, after Astaroth is resurrected by Lilith in Diablo 4, know that it will be difficult regardless. However, some preparation can make the fight go a little smoother. For instance, players should try to have some Fire-Resistant Elixirs with them.

Depending on the player’s level and progress in the game will determine how strong the Elixirs are. Even if they’re weak, bring some anyway because something will always be better than nothing. To make the Fire-Resistant Elixir, players will need the materials Gallowvine and Lifesbane, and then they will need to visit an Alchemist.

Next review all equipment on hand. Go through different armor pieces, Codex of Power Aspects, and skills in Diablo 4 and ensure that the character is going to have the best possible luck in this match. Consider different aspects that might be important, not just whether something is better at defending or doing damage. This is a tough fight and simply being armored up with strong attacks will not cut it. There needs to be a strategy in place. For example, players are going to do a lot of running, so anything that can assist in movement speed is probably a good idea.

How To Beat Astaroth

Astaroth in Diablo 4

To start off, players will need to recognize the pattern of Astaroth’s attacks. He has a couple of pretty regular attacks that players should memorize. The first is a staff swing. This is an attack that is likely to nearly kill the player if it makes contact. The second of his attacks is a fire breath from the Amalgam of Hatred, the three-headed dog with him in Diablo 4.

Finally, the last main attack he will utilize is an AOE (area-of-effect) fireball. As stated, because of these incredibly deadly attacks, players will need to be constantly on the move and careful with their positioning. Have patience with this fight, because it is likely going to require more than one attempt.

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In terms of the Amalgam of Hatred in Diablo 4, the best method there is to avoid the face of it. Try to stay behind Astaroth and his mount if possible, this way it will be easier to avoid the dog’s fire attack. Unfortunately, for the AOE (area-of-effect) attacks, players will just have to keep moving.

These are rather hard to avoid otherwise, but luckily, there will be markers on the ground to indicate where the attack is going to land. It’s not much notice, but it helps when trying to avoid direct hits. When it comes to actually attacking, don’t go in from the front for a direct hit. This will likely lead to an almost immediate death.

Astaroth and mount in Diablo 4

One of the most important things that cannot be stressed enough is to have patience. Rushing this boss fight in Diablo 4 will only cause frustration because it will not work out well. Astaroth has a large health bar and new aspects will come into the fight as certain markers are reached, so just stay calm and observant.

Look for opportunities to drag down his health bar. Don’t just go in there spamming attacks hoping for the best, it’s not going to work.

Astaroth will periodically run away during different parts of the fight and have to be tracked down, but don’t be afraid to intentionally lead him to other areas if the current arena is covered in his attacks.

Unfortunately, some of the things that will occur with the different phases of this fight are new enemies. After a little bit of damage to his health bar, Astaroth will begin summoning hellhounds to attack the player. They’re not much of a threat when considering them on their own, but their real purpose is to prolong this boss fight and cause a distraction from the real threat.

Try to get rid of them as fast as possible, so the focus can be shifted back to where it needs to be. Not long after more of the health bar is brought down, werewolves will also be summoned. These are a little stronger but still serve the same purpose.

Astaroth boss in Diablo 4

His other attacks will also become more powerful as his health depletes and most of the arena will likely be on fire pretty quickly. This is when the Elixir that should have been prepared prior to the fight will come in handy. It will take quite a long time to get through all of the phases of his health bar, but once they are fully depleted, Astaroth will finally be defeated. If having too much trouble and not making any progress with this boss, try going back again to reevaluate the skill tree in Diablo 4 of the character’s class and see if there is a better way to spread out skill points to help in this fight.

Once he is defeated, players will earn their highly deserved rewards. This reward will mainly consist of Gold in Diablo 4 as well as a Legendary gear item and other gear items of varying rarity. Though tough, this fight is good preparation for what will be coming later on in the game, so be sure to enjoy it and not look for ways to cheese the fight, as it will only make the later boss fights in Diablo 4 that much harder. Use this as a learning experience for what to expect and how to be patient with difficult bosses.

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Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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