How to Beat Nemona (Final Rival Battle)



Players may find it tough to beat their rival ‘Nemona’ in the final battle. Here is how players can beat her in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Some players may want an advantage and know how to beat their final rival Nemona after defeating the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Nemona is the player’s main opponent throughout the game; however, as was already noted, after the player defeats the Elite Four, they will square off once again for a final battle. But unlike the previous games in the Pokémon franchise, beating Nemona actually counts this time, so if players want to finish the Victory Road arc, they’ll need to bring their best Scarlet and Violet Pokémon along with them.


Nemona’s squad is an even match, as one might anticipate from the final rival encounter in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet; thus, players must choose carefully the Pokémon they bring. The good news is that since it’s a six-on-six match, and if their Pokémon are a little under-leveled, they can choose a Pokémon to oppose each member of Nemona’s squad. She will be exceedingly challenging in the game’s final battle, so Trainers shouldn’t anticipate her to be defeated quickly.

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How to Defeat Nemona in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


Pokémon Level Type
Lycanroc 65 Rock
Pawmot 65 Electric/Fighting
Orthworm 65 Steel
Goodra 65 Dragon
Dudunsparce in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet 65 Normal
Meowscarada Skeledirge Quaquaval 66 Grass/Dark – Terra Type: Grass Fire/Ghost – Terra Type: Fire Water/Fighting – Terra Type: Water

Players can send out the Pokémon they previously used to defeat Lycanroc, Pawmot, and Goodra. However, suppose the player’s team has changed. In that case, they should check to see if they still have Pokémon that match the aforementioned weaknesses because Orthworm is vulnerable to Pokémon of the Fighting-, Fire-, and Ground-types. Players who chose Fuecoco as their starter can easily defeat it. Additionally, having an Armarouge on the team is helpful when playing Pokémon Scarlet. In contrast to the exclusive Pokémon Armarouge, Dudunsparce is solely vulnerable to Fighting-type Pokémon. Quaquaval, a Fighting-type, will easily defeat it if players select Quaxly as their starter. However, if Trainers pick a different starter Pokémon, a Fighting-type Pokémon like Pawmot or Annihilape will take care of business.

Nemona will declare the player to be the most skilled Pokémon trainer in Paldea after the player has defeated her. The Victory Road story arc will conclude once the conversation ends and the players return to their dorm room at the academy. Though they won’t receive any cash prizes, players will have access to the final main story task if they’ve already finished the Starfall Street and Path of Legends arcs in the long story of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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