How To Craft The Enhanced Griffin School Gear


To craft the Enhanced Griffin School Gear armor set in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players must first unlock and craft the base Griffin School Gear.

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One of the best early-game armor sets for Sign-centric builds in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the Griffin School Gear Set, and its superior variation, Enhanced Griffin School Gear, is perfect for transitioning one’s build into latter-game content. In addition, this equipment offers bonuses for those donning three pieces to six pieces of the entire set. For example, players who wear three pieces of Griffin School Gear can preserve more Stamina when casting Signs. As for six-piece wearers, the armor set increases the size of the Yrden trap and provides a powerful buff to Geralt whenever he is within its radius.


To unlock the Griffin School Gear armor set in The Witcher 3, players must first clear the Monster’s Den within Dragonslayer’s Grotto of Velen. At the end of the dungeon, players must face an Ekimmara. After slaying the location’s monster boss, players can access the den’s loot and collect all the diagrams needed to make Griffin School Gear.

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Crafting Griffin School Gear

Geralt Wearing Default Griffin School Gear in Witcher 3

Here is a list of items required to craft the Griffin School Gear armor set in The Witcher 3:



Griffin Armor

  • 1 Shirt
  • 2 Hardened leather
  • 1 Meteorite silver plate
  • 5 Leather straps
  • 2 Monster eye

Griffin Boots

  • 1 Hardened leather
  • 1 Meteorite ore
  • 3 Thread
  • 4 Leather scraps
  • 1 Monster essence

Griffin Gauntlets

  • 4 Leather scraps
  • 1 Meteorite ore
  • 2 Leather straps
  • 2 Thread
  • 4 Powdered monster tissue

Griffin Trousers

Crafting Enhanced Griffin School Gear

Griffin Weapons and Armor and Enhanced Version Locations in Witcher 3

Next, here is a list of locations and recipes for making the Enhanced Griffin School Gear armor set in The Witcher 3, based on gameplay by YouTuber daveywankenobie:


Diagram Location


Enhanced Griffin Armor

  • White Eagle Fort near Trollololo’s shack
  • 1 Griffin armor
  • 3 Hardened leather
  • 1 Meteorite silver plate
  • 4 Linen
  • 5 Monster feather

Enhanced Griffin Boots

  • Unnamed ruined fort at Mudplough, far northwest of the Inn at the Crossroads
  • 1 Griffin boots
  • 1 Hardened leather
  • 1 Meteorite ore
  • 3 Thread
  • 4 Leather scraps
  • 1 Monster essence

Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets

  • Frischlow of southern Velen, guarded by a Noonwraith
  • 1 Griffin gauntlets
  • 4 Leather scraps
  • 1 Meteorite ore
  • 2 Leather straps
  • 2 Thread
  • 4 Powdered monster tissue

Enhanced Griffin Trousers

  • Burned Ruins, northeast of the Crow’s Perch

Those struggling to find the materials for the armor pieces above are encouraged to dismantle unused equipment for easily obtainable refined resources.

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Source: YouTube/daveywankenobie

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