How To Get (& Redeem) The Jade’s Burrow Emblem


Jade’s Burrow is a new Emblem awarded to all players in Destiny 2. Guardians can redeem this piece of flair for free, by using a code given by Bungie.

Guardians in Destiny 2 can earn and redeem the new Jade’s Burrow Emblem for free. Each year, Bungie celebrates the Lunar New Year with various cosmetics and flair for players to show off in-game. All Guardians can commemorate the Year of the Rabbit with this fun Emblem. Usually, these are earned from completing specific Triumphs and challenges. New Emblems are added to the game each season. Bungie will also give out codes on special occasions, as with Jade’s Burrow, which can be redeemed for the flair.


Emblems come from an assortment of different activities in Destiny 2. There are many different designs, and Guardians can freely grab old ones they have earned from the Collections tab.

Emblems are located under the Flair section and are separated by acquisition. Highlighting each flair will show how to earn them while right-clicking on the mouse and keyboard displays various accolades. Unlike many of the Emblems that Guardians will collect, Jade’s Burrow is attained in-game.

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How To Redeem Jade’s Burrow Emblem Code In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Lunar New Year 2023 Cosmetics

On January 17, 2023, Bungie posted a code for the Jade’s Burrow Emblem on the Destiny 2 Twitter account. Some Guardians may be perplexed that this piece of flair does not immediately appear in their inventory. Before players can receive the Emblem, they must redeem the code on the website. The process is simple, and Guardians may find that they have other rewards in Destiny 2 waiting on their account. Players can follow the steps below to redeem the Jade’s Burrow Emblem.

Step No.



Visit and sign in to the platform used.


Head to the code redemption section of the website.


Type TNN-BKM-6LG in the area that says, “Enter Your Code.”


Log back into the game and view the Jade’s Burrow Emblem under the Flair section of the Collection.

As with any celebration in Destiny 2, players can purchase an assortment of cosmetics from the Eververse Store. These are sold for Silver but can also be bought for Bright Dust in Destiny 2. Guardians will need to check after each weekly reset, as the items offered will rotate. Until the end of January 2023, players can also receive a gift of Bright Dust for free from the Eververse Store. Guardians who wish to celebrate the Lunar New Year have a limited time to purchase these cosmetics in Destiny 2.

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