How To Get The Dalek Skin in Fall Guys


Fall Guys is crossing over with Doctor Who, allowing players to dress up their beans in a new Dalek outfit based on the Doctor’s most iconic foes.

Fall Guys’ latest crossover with Doctor Who wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the show’s most iconic enemies, with players now able to dress up their beans in a brand-new Dalek outfit. Now is arguably the perfect time for the game’s developers to set up a crossover with Doctor Who, especially given that the show’s latest season ended with the passing of the torch to a new Doctor and a surprise twist that few saw coming. Players looking to dress their beans up as the Doctor or a Dalek don’t need to worry about looking out of place. Fall Guys has now taken on a sci-fi theme, with the game’s latest Satellite Scramble season featuring a new Fall Guys season pass filled with crossovers, including with franchises such as Star Trek and Alien.


Fall Guys recently switched to free-to-play earlier this year, a change accompanied by a revamp of the in-game item shop and the introduction of the new premium Show Bucks currency. While players can earn some Show Bucks by purchasing the season pass and climbing season pass tiers, it can be challenging, particularly for new players to start earning enough. Many of the recent premium cosmetics introduced to Fall Guys, including the latest Doctor Who items, have only been available to purchase through the item shop for fairly substantial sums of Show Bucks.

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Unlocking The Dalek Outfit In Fall Guys

Much like the Master Chief Fall Guys outfit introduced during the game’s crossover with Microsoft’s Halo franchise, the Dalek outfit is only available for purchase through the in-game store. Players can grab both the upper and lower portions of the Dalek outfit for 800 Show Bucks. Alternatively, hardcore Doctor Who fans can also purchase the Doctor Dalek Bundle for 1200 Show Bucks to get the Dalek outfit plus an additional outfit based on Jodie Whitaker’s Thirteenth Doctor and a couple of extra Doctor Who-themed banners and nicknames.

Other Doctor Who cosmetics are available, too, including outfits based on the Fourteenth Doctor and the fan-favorite Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker. Unlike the Fall Guys Sonic crossover, which featured special challenges that could be completed for free Sonic-themed rewards, the current Doctor Who crossover doesn’t feature any free content. As such, players looking to save their Show Bucks won’t be able to get much from this crossover.

Some players may also have stocked up with enough Show Bucks to get the Doctor Who cosmetics, as players can grab several Show Bucks drops as rewards in both the free and premium tracks of the season pass. However, grabbing them all is likely very time-consuming, given the experience points needed to level up a season pass tier. Additionally, players have debated whether going free-to-play gave Fall Guys a second life or whether it simply locked the game’s best content behind a paywall. While the cost of Show Bucks might put some players off, the cosmetics may still be well worth it for hardcore Fall Guys players who love Doctor Who.

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