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While Geralt may seem like an honorable man in The Witcher 3, however, he can still haggle for better pay for completing contracts and random jobs. Since rewards for completing these contracts include Gold, Weapons, and even information, Gerald does not have to render his services as a Witcher for lower remuneration.

When Geralt picks up a job, he can convince NPCs that give these quests to increase his pay. Of course, The Witcher 3’s haggling and negotiating system isn’t basic, which means players should make reasonable demands. Not only will players earn more money with this method, but it will also help them level up fast in The Witcher 3.


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Locate Contract & Quest Givers

Negotiating is relatively easy, but players may not know how to get started. The first thing that players should keep in mind is that they should never accept quests directly from a contract board in The Witcher 3 but should instead track down the NPC in person. This is because Witchers are very expensive to hire, so the payment listed on the board may not be considered fair compensation. Once the quest giver is tracked down, the player can begin negotiations by starting a conversation.

How To Negotiate For Higher Rewards

After locating the NPC, players can start a conversation to get higher rewards by selecting the “talk about the reward” dialogue option. Once this dialogue is selected, players will enter negotiations with the quest giver and can choose how much Gold they want to request. Players should keep in mind that if they ask an unfair amount repeatedly, the NPC will get annoyed and shut down the conversation. They will then refuse to talk to the player, and they will be unable to complete the quest.

Before speaking to an NPC about a contract, save the game. Then, if the price requested isn’t an annoyance to the NPC, reload the save file and request a lower price. Most times, NPCs will accept 45 Gold as a reward for contracts.

On the flip side, players can also refuse a reward, and many NPCs will insist on paying Geralt back in some way. Often, these rewards can be worth much more than the initial offer. Players could potentially receive new Weapons, Armor, or even Gemstones. This is a risky move because some quest givers won’t give the player anything at all for completing a contract or side quests in The Witcher 3. For the most part, players should play it safe and try not to request anything too extravagant for their services.

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Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling, finance, etc.

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